Tuesday, June 7, 2011

D-Tan's Summer Giveaway and where I'm headed with this blog.

First and foremost D-Tan is having a giveaway so click the link in my sidebar for more details. Tons of lovely things (NYX cosmetics are awesome) so hurry up the deadline in June 30th!

Next is news about my blog. I will continue it but I'll be making some changes. I will continue to blog about my interest in gal fashion but being me, categorizing myself as one thing and one thing only is suffocating. With that said I'm going to break the number one gal rule...I won't conform. I like my own random style and I like gal (mostly the over the top makeup) so I'm going to do my own damn style, since being yourself seems to be a big no no I don't want to offend other gals so instead of saying I'm gal, it'll be more I'm gal inspired. I also want to blog more about fashion finds outside of gal, art, and music. My life basically. Well that's it.