Saturday, January 22, 2011

4 out of 8 new items purchased online have arrived!

My Betsey Johnson bag, two new pairs of shoes, and my baby pink leg warmers have arrived. My new cellphone should be here today. Well here goes some pics:

 I was so happy when I got this it's like flaming Barbie pink. I found a cute baby pink bag on yesstyle and its not super expensive now for pink shoes....
 I cant wait to wear these. I'm also looking for a cute studded had bag to go with these.
 So big, pink, and fuzzy!
By far my favorite purchase. These shoes are bad ass and even though they are pretty high they are uber comfy and they look more like a 6.5 on my feet than and 8.5 \(o^-^o)b

Music Post!

So I'm having a pretty bad day and decided to listen to Rob Dougan's  Furious Angels album. It's probably one of the most beautiful records I've ever heard. It's a mix of rough bluesy vocals, classical music, and down tempo/ trip-hop. He's most famous for the song "Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Version)" from the Matrix soundtrack but you should really give the whole album a try. Here are two of my favorite tracks (but I always listen to the whole thing all the way through):

Born Yesterday- Rob Dougan

Nothing At All- Rob Dougan

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Make your own gal phone!

After my little heart break with Cecil McBee phone and at the height of my wanting for a new cellphone I decided to get crafty. I mean that what gals do. So I started searching for new phones that fit my requirements. I wanted either a flip phone or slider (pretty popular types in Japan) and I wanted it to have a charm loop. Unfortunately America can't seem to want cute phones in either style. Most flip phones look like they haven't had a make over since 2002 and sliders usually end up looking very masculine and the 2.5 ones that are more feminine are crappy. However I settled for the Samsung Strive which on the back looked like it had a charm loop but that was just speakers (I called a store and had the man check before I ordered on line). Not one to be discouraged I searched the net for how to's and came across and ordered a charm loop that you can stick on to your phone or case. It was only 3.49 and the shipping was free. I then went to my one love ebay and found a lot (24 peice set) of kitty-chan charms. It was 13.99 and the shipping was free. Finally I ordered some cute case covers from ebay (12.99 free s+h) that had colors similar to the Cecil Mc Bee phone (pictured below, the first pink and black phone):

 The cool Japanese phones I can't have. (Quick rant: we get our cellphones from Asia (S.Korea I know provides Samsung and I think LG) so why are the cool ones never released here? The only time we got a cool phone was the Lolipop but I HATE T-Mobile, my Japanese professor has it. Do they think it won't do good in our market?)
 Getting my look. Above is the Samsung Strive. First its my favorite color and it has a qwtry (is that the correct combination of letters? (-.-)# ) which my current LG Vu has but the phone is entirely touch screen which bothers me because if the screen break (most of my friends have) then I have to immediately get a new phone because it's entirely useless now. $89.99
 Next I bought this lot of case covers (I get all 4) I'm going to use the one that's top right. $12.99
 This is the adhesive charm loop. $3.49 free S+H link is HERE
Here goes the picture provided on ebay. I will provide a link because the seller has more to sell if you want these for yourself. Your charms are bought at random and they say they have more styles than pictured here. I would advise you to wait until I can tell if they are cool or not. I'm waiting for my package now. They are coming from China and since the shipping was free it will probably take like 2-3 weeks T.T Next I want to get a Stitch charm because he is awesome and I can do his voice, and loved the movie when it came out. $13.99  Click HERE 4 Kitty-chan charms

Well that's how I decided to get my phone until I'm working there and can have the real deal. I post picture when I have everything. Hope this helps!

I'm so terrible....

I know it's pretty late but here the peice by peice break down of the outfit I wore a couple days ago and kept saying I will post more pictures.

 I wore a black tank top under this one but forgot to take a picture of it. This top though I found at a marshalls for like 12.99.
 I love this skirt. In the town where I go to school there's a store called Gabriel brothers and I found this there. I get tons of compliments on it and it probably cost me ten bucks.
 From Marshalls 7.99 black leggings with cute little silver buttons.
 American eagle cardigan was like 30 but I ot it on clearence at Marshall's
 Pea coat. 50 dollars on clearence normally 100. Nine West.
 I probably paid like 5 dollars for this scarf. I got crazy discounts on accessories when I worked at Payless.
 I found this when I was in walmart. Big and sparklie. $7.00
 I got this at a dots. I don't remeber how much it was I just bought it.
 Wow this pic is kind of sucky but these are the rings and bangles (I didn't wear the bangles though). I love the baby pink star and the silver little scottie dog.
 I shouldn't include this but the earphones were so cute with everything.
 Back back, Juicy Couture $120. My little Kitty-chan thing that holds my student I.D. got for free when it was a happy meal toy at the McDonalds I worked at in high school. I also have a Kitty-chan pocket mirror from the happy meal toys too.
 My bag that day. Betsey Johnson $75. I didn't take a close up picture of my slouch black cowgirl boots but those were the shoes that day.
Well thanks for reading! And have fun!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gal cellphones O(≧∇≦)O

I want the Cecil McBee one sooooooooooooooooo bad. Boo American cellphone companies. For more of the heart breaking story click HERE

Barbie King Size Grey Lense Review

 Okay so today was my first day wearing my new Barbie King size circle lenses in grey. Other than me having some difficulty getting them in (I'm a beginner) everything was a dream. At first it felt really weird. It was so apparent that there was a foreign object in my eye lol. I have never worn normal sized lenses let alone 14.5mm contact lenses so I expected it to be strange at first but literally two minutes after putting them in I couldn't tell they were there. THEY ARE THAT COMFORTABLE. I basically feel like these will be my preference when it comes to lenses. There are others I want and will try but I think I will always come back to these. They also looked smaller than they really are but when I put them in it was like harps were playing and light came down from heaven they were so gorgeous and big. I have seen where others say they are unaturally big and I sort of have to agree but I like that. The color is a bit more blue-grey than just grey (especially under brightlighting). They do make your eyes so big and doll like. The lenses don't dry out fast too (my eyes are pretty moist though). I put them in at like 8:30 am and didn't have to use my re wetting drops until like 3:20pm.
Under bright light
 With normal light
The lense in comparison to my natural eye. Like I said I was surprised at the difference in size. I get alot of compliments on my normal eyes but these blow them out of the water. I didn't think I could love my eyes more. (It's kind of a mess though. I had a harder time getting them out than in. My trick? I HAVE to move my lense of my iris to go in pinch it out. Nothing new I suppose but most people I see can just pinch it off their iris with the finger tips, or squeeze it of with the pads of the fingerers.) Well thanks for reading. I give these a 10 out of 10!

Look for the day (^.^)V

Hi everybody. So this morning I went to sleep at 2am (looking at Lisha AKA chigyaru's youtube vids) and got back up at 7am to get ready for my 9:15 am class (I was like 30 minutes late. gomen general psych prof). I was taking pictures as I curled my hair and did my make up. Then it took a minute for me to put my circle lenses in. I'll blog the review later (I still have two more classes). Got a lot of looks today (some girls gave me the total evil eye TT.TT). So here's the pic spam of me and my make-up and my outfit (I might later to a piece by piece pic break down of everything that went into it):

 A close up of one of my favorite tops. I got it to wear on my 21st birthday and almost ruined it one night when I had a little to much to drink....
The outfit without my cardigan. I so love that skirt (better pics of each piece to come)
 With the cardigan on...
 It is winter so I have on a scarf and coat, I also have on my back pack and handbag.

I am in LOVE with these lenses but I lost my room key and just got the call that it was found so I'm going to go pick it up and then I'll do a sort of get the look post and then my contact review post.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Okay so I wish I had this doll...

page 122 in Ageha (1-11)

New Wallpaper

So I needed something to do while I soakedmy feet and made this wallpaper for my desktop. Hope you like. (the center of the pic with the little hime gyaru I did not do):

I tried doing the kanji for my name (彩名)but was only letting me type in hiragana or katakana >,<p I still like it though.

A heaven send and another tardy post.

I think I'll start with the tardy post which you probably have seen before. It's the makeup rankings that everyone is talking about (Jelly and Egg). The droopy eye is moving out and the cat eye is coming in. I also like the bold red lip which I've been itching to do (not that I'm the type to wait for someone else to tell me its cool) but here goes a picture:

Here's the link to the blog post I originally read:
Finally I don't know how many of you know about this blog but it is AMAZING (≧∇≦). I have no idea how she gets all her magazines or how much she's spending but she offers tons of magazine scans for download. Find the hook up here:

I've already DL'd Ageha, Pop Sister, Egg, ViVi, Jelly, and Ranzuki for 1/11 and she's already posting mags for Feburary. Make sure to comment and thank, even though I've been having trouble with that, stupid Bing ( ̄へ ̄

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I lied!

This is my last post for the day. My contacs came on the 12th but I didn't check my mail because I thought they'd come on the 14th. I was so happy. I'll post tuesday a review on them. I got them from pinkyparadise and they shipp nice and fast (fedex shipping chrage was 15 dollars. there's cheaper shipping but a longer wait). Awesome news they had a promo that if you bought lens between Dec. 13th-31st you get a free cutie animal lens case but guess who got some anyway after the promo date ended?

the pink one is a bear they sea foam green/blue is a pig. I got the Barbie King size lens in brown and grey. Hopefully next month I'll be getting black, green, and violet.


I have a seroius shopping issue....I bought some new stuff (this I needed):

I have no pink n ail polish at school with me which was a crime....

 New lip gloss I like the color.
 New ear phones. I blew an ear in my old ones then spent 20 minute debating with myself on what the replacements would be. In the end the really cute sleek Sony white and silver ones lost to these cool and cute pink ones. The ear cushion part fold and the head band is a thin tube smaller than most my hair head band! The sound is really good not as bass heavy as my old ones but that's good for my hearing right?
 New curling iron. My mom stole my other one that doubled as a straightener. I'm thinking though I should have gotten the 1 3/4 barrel....
 New head band hair bow. Its big, pretty, and sparkly!

New caboodle plastic organizer for my makeup. My betsey johnson make bags are cute but a hassle and they don't keep things very organized and I NEED organization at all times.

On to the new stuff I need/but don't need right now. I bought two pair of ankle boots. One has studs and laces up, the other has straps and a platform wedge. Both are about 5 inches tall. I bout three pairs of fur leg warmers. One baby pink pair, one black, and one grey with black fuzzy balls. I also bought a nautical Betsey Johnson hobo bag and it's pink! I have no pink clothes at school with me because I was never a fan of the color, EVER.....but now its really getting to me. I'm waiting for all of it to ship. I did be a good girl and bought two more of my textbooks. I really am pissed that my General Psych book is 100 dollars and my history of the english language book is 159. I tried figuring out a way to get it free but it failed.....and renting it isn't that much cheaper. So peeved. I really wanted to buy this cute Prisila brand wig but that's 100 dollars that could go towards a text book. I get paid again on the 20th but I want to get a new cellphone (why do American cellphones barely come with the slot for cellphone charms anymore????? I was going to get my phone offline but I'm going to the store JUST to check if it has the ability for me to put charms on it). I'm also looking around for clothes for the spring. I need brighter colors I looked in my drawer and everything is black and white (or black and white with color on it). I need more cute tops TT.TT I am looking for a job so I won't have to pick and choose anymore for wants and needs. My job can feed my shopping addiction and there will be peace in the land of Rohan....well I guess that's it for now

I'm soooooo lazy

This post is a combined post of two post that should have been made yesterday and the day before that. Mostly pic spam but yesterday I went to see the Green Hornet with my friends Ashley, Andrea, and Amber (OMG all of our names start with an A). I'm a nerd about super hero movie (Thor is coming!) and my friends (Andrea and Ashley) are Jay Chou fans (I'm now a fan 2. He's awesome). The movie was great and a fun 3D experience (unlike Tron 3D that wasn't very 3D at all). Also the movie theatre in Kent is cheeper than the one back home in Cleveland (9.00 in Kent, 13.00 in Cleveland).  Going to see Gantz with this upcoming weekend (Yamada Takayuki on the big screen>.<) Anyway my friends and I stopped in an new international food store and I bought the stuff above. The Hi Chew is like a green apple starburst but its way chewier, like for a second I seriously thought it was gum but I can read on the pack that it's soft candy (in both Japanese and English). I do really like it though. It's not as sweet as starburst (I don't eat alot of candy). The Kancho was awesome but I can't help but think of カンチョー (浣腸, kancho like the prank (the kanji is kanchou which means enema. Gross right....but you might be familiar with it, if not I'm sure you can google it.
I bought these nail art nail polishes the same day. The last one is neon orange but it looks pink here