Thursday, January 20, 2011

Make your own gal phone!

After my little heart break with Cecil McBee phone and at the height of my wanting for a new cellphone I decided to get crafty. I mean that what gals do. So I started searching for new phones that fit my requirements. I wanted either a flip phone or slider (pretty popular types in Japan) and I wanted it to have a charm loop. Unfortunately America can't seem to want cute phones in either style. Most flip phones look like they haven't had a make over since 2002 and sliders usually end up looking very masculine and the 2.5 ones that are more feminine are crappy. However I settled for the Samsung Strive which on the back looked like it had a charm loop but that was just speakers (I called a store and had the man check before I ordered on line). Not one to be discouraged I searched the net for how to's and came across and ordered a charm loop that you can stick on to your phone or case. It was only 3.49 and the shipping was free. I then went to my one love ebay and found a lot (24 peice set) of kitty-chan charms. It was 13.99 and the shipping was free. Finally I ordered some cute case covers from ebay (12.99 free s+h) that had colors similar to the Cecil Mc Bee phone (pictured below, the first pink and black phone):

 The cool Japanese phones I can't have. (Quick rant: we get our cellphones from Asia (S.Korea I know provides Samsung and I think LG) so why are the cool ones never released here? The only time we got a cool phone was the Lolipop but I HATE T-Mobile, my Japanese professor has it. Do they think it won't do good in our market?)
 Getting my look. Above is the Samsung Strive. First its my favorite color and it has a qwtry (is that the correct combination of letters? (-.-)# ) which my current LG Vu has but the phone is entirely touch screen which bothers me because if the screen break (most of my friends have) then I have to immediately get a new phone because it's entirely useless now. $89.99
 Next I bought this lot of case covers (I get all 4) I'm going to use the one that's top right. $12.99
 This is the adhesive charm loop. $3.49 free S+H link is HERE
Here goes the picture provided on ebay. I will provide a link because the seller has more to sell if you want these for yourself. Your charms are bought at random and they say they have more styles than pictured here. I would advise you to wait until I can tell if they are cool or not. I'm waiting for my package now. They are coming from China and since the shipping was free it will probably take like 2-3 weeks T.T Next I want to get a Stitch charm because he is awesome and I can do his voice, and loved the movie when it came out. $13.99  Click HERE 4 Kitty-chan charms

Well that's how I decided to get my phone until I'm working there and can have the real deal. I post picture when I have everything. Hope this helps!