Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pics of all the new stuff I got...

A gift from my the fur on the hoodie.

My "diamond" head band.

A gift. Someone knows my minor is Japanese and bought this for me. It smells really nice. I like bath and bodyworks.

This Ferragamo body wash smells so amazing and I think I've finally tracked down the purfume!

I usually am against anything this lady is hawking but I must admit Paris Hiltons purfume does smell nice, infact of all my scents this is my favorite. Her shoes are kind of cute too. Darn you Paris!

My Juicy Couture back pack. I think I chipped paint off walls and maybe dinted a car with that heavy charm that came on it.

I bought this before winter break but its my military jacket I bought. I have yet to see anyone outside of K-Pop with a military jacket that has the stuff on the sholders.

A new pair of skinny jeans. I love dark denim, rips, embellishments, and anything else. At one point I had like 25 pair of just plain blue jeans and i drove me mad. These have "diamonds" instead of regular buttons....LOVE!

My 4 peice jammie set with  eye mask.

Zebra Betsey Johnson jammies.

My new Hello Kitty jammie bottoms.

a cute little purse for when I go to clubs.

My new pencil skirt. Have to get my business clothes bars up lol.

New boots. I have nothing that goes with these....well that's kind of lie. Looking for reasons to shop more??

In love with these. Can't wait for crappy winter weather to go away so I can enjoy these babies.