Monday, January 23, 2012

Drunk weekend #2

Hey! Pretty much this post is going to be pic heavy. I went out to a Korean resturant Saturday with a bunch of friends, then went to the Asian mart, and later that night a party at my friend Jenna's. I got extremely drunk and lost my gray Gilfy hat I JUST fucking got and it was my favorite one of my two hats. Me and hats are just having issues. First my Suicidal Tendancies hat in New York and now this.

I'm so much more out going when drunk and apparently have no problems chatting you up in Japanese....go figure.

Option #1 for my look that day:

what I actually went with (which is good considering how drunk I got):

Everyone on their way to the Asian food store.
The party at Jenna's
My friend bought me S.Korea's version of Pocky and I bought more.
Studs for my boots and jacket came in the mail.
My Bad Brains shirt, please note the chicken cutlet on the floor from my push up bra lol.
And what I bought at the mart.
That pretty much was my weekend.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Basketball, Bars, Boozing, and PDA with hot guys!

So yaked this from my friends facebook because I was not breaking out the DSLR for a b-ball came and smaller digital cam needs new batteries, there are more photos but no ones uploaded them yet or failed to tag people.

Anyway me my friends Min, JD, Marvin, Andrea, Ashley, Heather, Amber, Dina, and another Ashley went to our Uni's basketball game. Min and JD are new international students from S. Korea so this was a fun first for them and me because I've never gone to a game in the 4 years I've been in school.

After we went drinking to a bar on campus. We all got mad tipsy some a little more than others (moi). I found out JD and I have a great appreciation of electronic music nd fawned over Daft Punk, Davd Guetta, and DJ Tiesto. I told him about Glitch Mob he told me about someone I didn't know but we were pumped. I ran up on the stage and started dancing, pulling oother people up, got JD to dance.

JD is awesome, he has a larger than life personality, LOVE IT!

Our friends William/peaches and Daniel (also from S. Korea) come to Damons but we leave there to go to bar downtown because everyone wants to get smashed drunk.

We leave that bar to go to a lounge that plays awesome electronic music. JD and I head straight for the dance floor. We're dancing the place is packed and we get closer, and closer, and next you know we're making out (-_-) this is not like me even when drunk but that damn awesome personality+being really good looking+booze+being a fantastic kisser and dancer got the best of me.

I told my friends Ashley and Andrea what happend totally embarrassed and they were all "we already knew, Marvin saw it"

He massaged me on facebook, we exchanged numbers, texted each other. Everyones going out to a Korean resturant in my city since it's the closet to our university and I'm nervous. He's so nice and chill about the whole thing (also a ton of us were in one car since most were to hammered to drive or dind't have a liscence ad guess who's lap I was sitting on) but I freaking madeout IN PUBLIC for like half an hour until club closing with a guy.

Oh lawd!

My 100th Post, Super Haul + Giveaway

Hey I've been gone waiting for packages. I'm still waiting for my Gorillaz T-shirt and poster, a bunch of nail art stuff, my new cellphone and case, Bad Brains shirt, some textbooks, acrylic liquid, and that might be it. Anyway I got new stuff for my bed room, new clothes, and DSLR camera, tons of stff to do nails and makeup but I won't blab here's pictures:

I AM NOT RICH, I saved like hell for this haul.

Everyone with a Misfits shirt has the skull logo but this shot of Kennedy getting popped with that "magic" bullet is badass! Can't wait to wear this, I want to DIY it and make it sexier.

The 24K Pittura brush set that is sold out so you have to pay $10-$20 more on ebay for it, I got the other set Sephora is selling too.

My new bag that everyone freaking loves and I love telling them t was only 14.99!

A shot of most of my new stuff
Acrylic paints (for nails), cuticle oil, acetone, hair, skin, and nail vitamins, St. Ives face scrub etc.
The bag my d.i.a. stuff came in.
My belt, the type I wanted was sold out so I'll have to try again but I did find a belt here in the states that looks like them, I bought it but I'm still getting another d.i.a. belt.
My top. When I sent my shopper the d.i.a. blog photos I wasn't expecting to get those very items so I was happy, she even took into consideration my favorite colors.
The top is kind of off your shoulders and the hood is coneccted with the big gold jump loops.
My other d.i.a. one piece, there's so many design details in this.

The photo I sent in my email and you can see both of my items.
My boots, I'm waiting on my studs and spikes.
Everyone in my Japanese class went and bought dictionaries since our new text doesn't have one, plus it's written all in Japanese. I'm the only one with a talking electronic one^^
My two Maison Gilfy hats, they are so cute especially with my new brown wig. I kind of like myself with a lighter hair color but not enough to actually lighten my real hair.
Front my Ghost of Harlem top.
Union Jack Harem pants from Gold Stage (store) on Rakuten
Faux Fur back pack and the tail is a detachable pencil case. This my pants and GoH top were from Gold Stage, the hats were from Double Heart.

Fuck yes finally my Blondie/Debbie Harry shirt.
All three volumes of Soul Sister, I wish I had a scanner because I know alot of gals want/need scans and I also know there are gals who have the mags and probably scanners too (since there always seems to be preview photos floating around) yet only vol.1 made it to the web.
This I did not buy one of my bestfriends came back from study abroad in S. Korea and brought back gifts from both S.K. and when she stopped over in Japan. I got a K-pop mag, Hello Kitty pen& mechanical pencil, a cute bangle, Big Bang collectors cards, T.O.P photos, Meiji chocolate, Perpero (Pocky from Korea, it was my first time EVER eating Pocky), T.O.P cellphone charm and folder, and a travel magazine about Japan but it's in Chinese>.< it does mention Shibuya 109^^
Close up of my Hello Kitty pen and pencil.
These are traditional cups for drinking Soju, I LOVE drinking!
My meiji chocolate, it was sooooo good.

Almost forgot, pics of my new camera. It came with a bag, extra battery, something for the lense, a charger for my battery, and a bunch of other stuff I don't remember. It was just missing a USB cable so I spent 4.85 on one only to realize my old sidekick USB cord is the same darn thing so I had one all along (ToT)\


So about that giveaway mixed in with all that stuff some of those items I will put into a giveaway, keep in mind I'm also still waiting on things so there could be more. Here's the catch, do not post about this giveaway, do not tell anyone. Just leave a comment....

yes you read right. My giveaways will ALWAYS be private. You all were nice enough to follow me for whatever reason so I should repay your kindness/interest instead of someone just following me to get free shit (hence why I no longer enter others giveaways, if I'm not already following you I just don't do it).

I will hint some of the prizes, there is a bomb ass urban decay mascara in there and a cute Tokidoki for Smashbox eyeshadow palette....I shall say no more.

Winner will be drawn at random with one of those random number picker things, ending time to sign up will be Feb. 1st. Also I'll know who should enter it'll be the people from the 54 followers I have now lol. I may open it to my tumblr followers or maybe one day just do a seperate giveaway for them.

Well last but not least an official list of what all I actually got:
Acrylic paints
Cuticle Oil,
Nikon D70 DSLR
LG Neon 2 in Orange
Blingy Skull deco cellphone case
d.i.a, Glad News, Ghost of Harlem, Gilfy clothing
Vintage military boots
gray faux fur leg warmers
20" fur foxtail
Blondie t-shirt
Goillaz t-shirt
Misfits t-shirt
Rocky Horror picture show t-shirt
Bad Brains t-shirt
huge cross ring
sew on crystal for nail art
gold/silver beads nail art
acrylic brush
nail art brush set
20 1" cone spikes
100 12mm studs
OPI base and top coat
3 nail polishes from Sally's
Acrylic powder, liquid
Dolly Wink lash case
Dolly Wink bottom lashes No.7
Gorillaz poster
24K tokidoki pittura brush set
tokidoki 3pc. pittura brush set
Urban Decay blush
2x Urban decay mascara
Smashbox photo finish primer
Smashbox hydrating facepowder in dark
Tokidoki for smashbox eyeshadow quad
Electronic translator
3 NYX lipsticks in Femme, Cocoa (my perfect nude), bruised
Buxom eyeliner
Elf 144 eyeshadow palette
Elf all over stick/highlighter in golden peach
Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Libre
Futura heat resistant wig
textbooks lol
metal charms for nail art (pistols, fleur de lis, skulls, spiders)
hexagon glitters nail art
acrylic powder 1 colors
glitter powders
pearls for nail art
new bag
nail art brushes
large sew on crystals for super bling deco nails
Straight To Hell motorcycle lady commander jacket
Hello Kitty pillow diary
purple and zeebra print bedroom set
white faux fur lamp
full length mirror
Gray faux fur leg warmers
knitted black arm warmers
Betsey Johnson garter belt
2pair thigh high stockings
two pairs of jeans I cut into shorts
d.i.a. belt look a like lol
beauty care crap

Wishing for: Samurai Champloo Mugen figure and the complete dvd set, Complete Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad dvd box set, and Tokyo Tribes mangas (I am really trying to give anime/manga a fair try and I think Tokyo tribes will be something I'd like since I like other things by Santa Inoue). 

Now to find a job so I can go to S.Korea this summer with my friends as a graduation gift before I hopefully move to Japan (fingers crossed).