Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finally back with pictures of me but...

They kind of suck (no they just suck). My batteries for my digital camera are lost since I'm packing to move, there's still glue residue on my cells camera lenses from decoing it (I'm an idiot), so I took the pictures with my laptop in the hall at school......yeah.

Me trying to get good shot of my new lenses and lashes.
This is the best shot I could get.

When I go home I'm going to try to get a good shot of my lenses and lashes so I can do a review. Also I'll make sure to get a shot of my coord for the day. My make up doesn't show up good at all and my brows suck ass and it hurts to say that because even before gyaru I always keep my brows nice but I can't find my brow kit for shyte! I'm also get makeup for lightening my brow color, I won't dye them since I prefer my natural darker color anyway.

Friday, September 23, 2011

P.S. I Forgot these...

Items that I'm getting but haven't purchased yet since they are bids and not uy it now's:

Hellz Bellz shirt

Love hoodie

more hoodies with extra long sleeves.

Now on to looking at Smashbox cosmetics, leather studded jackets, and foxtails (Ineed black and brown).

I'm Back! Long post filled with awesome stuff!

So I have been M.I.A. both on the internet and real life but I'm working on coming back into the fold. I have no pics of me for two reasons (1) I've been studying styles hard core so when I do start posting picture I look even better and (2) my lenses dried out and I see no point in doing it without them.

Anyway school started back up, I have a new Japanese professor and she's awesome! The class really is conducted pretty much in Japanese which is fine by me, having to reply in Japanese though is kind of sucky (I really need to practice speaking and forming sentences in my head).

I went on a huge haul and there's still a few more items I want to et but I'm moving into my first apartment hopefully at the end of this week and I'm planning on paying the first 3 months worth of rent and I have to start getting some furniture. Trying to be wiser about money.

Anyway on to what have (somethings don't have pics but Ill let you know):

Black and red pom pom hat that folds up-ebay

This awesome shirt that I had been eyeing on ebay for forever but never bought, until now.

This cool patterned racer back shirt-ebay

Cute Cecil McBee scarf (Ineed to get my accessory bars up)- ebay

BEBE off the shoulder top with extra long sleeves- ebay

Taeyang cellphone strap with 16 different pics of him-ebay

Big Bang cellphone strap, 16 pics-ebay

Awesome ripped faux leather leggings

These kick ass I wasn't planning on buying sneakers and haven't in a while but they were so unique, so me-ebay

18K gold plated hoops with CZ (53mm) my mom told me to stop wasting money at Claire for cheap earrings that I'm allergic to anyway (even the sensitive solutions), I agreed.

Frick these boots are awesome. I first saw them on this shoe site linked on my blog but all the shoes there are like $100+ these were $130 on there and I wanted both colors, found the both on ebay for 89.99 so I basically got both pair for $30 more than buying one pair where I originally saw them. 5 inch heels ftw! I already named the silver ones my Bowie boots, get all glam rock on you!

Prestige soft kohl eyeliner in jet black. I was hoping to find Rimmel London's soft kohl eyeliner because I heard it's really good but the only color I saw was purple. I'll try looking in stores. ebay

Creep street crop top. They listed the color as black but that is one ashy black. - Karmaloop

Cannot wait to get this. I'm tired of my hoop lip ring and decided to switch to a stud but most studs are too regular or like most girls cute little diamond ones (you know have the piercing because it's the it thing but doesn't want it to be too noticible). I'll have a fucking skull under my lip WITH cross bones!

Oh frick frack a lacking YES!!!! I have been dying to get my hands on one of these since I saw Kanako Kawabata in one. Finally have one. I also found this awesome site with a guy who makes hats like these but with really amazing art work. Google 8-bit Zombie ($15). this is from ebay.

Leopard print fau fur Bolero Jacket. I've been having a hard time finding a faux fur jacket I would want to wear but I finally did.

Same jacket but in brown. If only I could find a white one and a black one>.<#

Huge 70mm stainless steel hoops with CZ.- ebay

Another pic of the Puma snaeker boots. The puffy blue cutouts sold me!

Cecil McBee bag. ebay

Aeropostale hooded shirt, I'm trying find as much stuff as possible with extra long sleeves. It's surprsingly hard! What is with America and this fashion of sleeves that barely touch your wrist??????? I like my hands covered because they are always cold! ebay

Manic Panic Kiss of Death lipstick. There stuff is popular with the goth and burlesque crowd so hopefully I've found that deep dark shade of red I've been looking for. ebay

I know you've seen these leggings before. ebay

New lense. Bambi series. I bought the green apple, almond brown, and sesame grey ones.

Diamond lash devils eye lower lash

Diamond Lash Cats eye upper lash.

Big Bang shirt front

Big bang shirt back

 I bought some other big bang key chains and a pair of engineer/riding boots with buckles. They are knee high for fall since this will be the first fall I'll still be rocking shorts and skirts. Speaking on that looking for white faux fur le warmers. I need to get more base makeup (foundation, primer, concealer). A good white glitter eyeshadow.

Now for other news and non wearable purchases:

I'm going to SM town NY with three friends and I got this shirt from Fyzzed (same place I got the Big Bang one). It has the names of SM artist on the back in English.
I also got the sweat shirt. The concert in in October so it will be cold. Same front as the shirt but the back with the artsit names is in Hangul.

That's STILL not all! I bought a plane ticket to New York for December. Why you ask????? Because I bought a ticket to see DIR EN GREY!!!!!!! I like them it's my wish to see all bands I like (if possible) at least once in my life. The concert is during finals week and I have no final that monday but my Japanese one is on tuesday. So I'm flying back to Cleveland early as hell tuesday morning to make it to my 12:45 final.

Plus I have to miss Miyavi in NY for holloween (it was either him of Diru and since I saw Meevers last summer I chose Diru, I get to see Kaoru in the flesh, I don't fan girl but that's one nice hunk of man).

Well that all unless you want to see pictures of the furniture I'm getting for my apartment which by the way has THREE huge walk in closets which is perfect for me because the amount of clothes, shoes, and bags I have is ridiculous!

Well ciao!