Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Fashion Inspiration....Lily Allen

Lily Allen is amazing.

Why I want the dress from my christmas list.

I want a top like this. I'd wear it with my leather jacket because otherwise I'd feel naked.

My Christmas WISH List (note the cap wish)

Chrome Hearts ring or two. This one is freak gorgeous and the stone is my favorite color.

Studded vintage combat boots. I'll take plain ones and stud them myself.

Bad Brains Shirt. Hopefully one long enough to turn is an off the shoulder dress.

Combat Heel Boots, I want these axact ones.

Electric blue Dr. Martens

Leather Jacket. Love the silhouette and sleeve length but...

needs lapels! So I want this jacket and I'll stud it. Wish the sleeves flaired out a bit and were a tad longer T.T

This skirt

This dress

Cross earrings

A leopard print dress


This dress and you'll see why in my next post

This skirt, it's busy but I can pull it off

This sweet ass Sephora palette

Toki Doki Makeup brushes

These shoes. 7" ftw. My shoes keep getting higher and higher. I refuse anything less than 5".

This dress and I'm so wearing it to my new favorite lounge with my hopefully new boyfriend.

Two tone wigs. I want black and blonde, black and purple, black and aqua/green.

Well I've been travelling alot so I'm broke. I have enough money for my responsibilities. I need a freaking job or two. That way I can still shop and save for when I move to NY or Japan. Depends on what I choose to do after college  but neither place is cheap to live.

Hopefully people will either give me money for christmas or gifts. Better yet I wish they'd pay me back all the money I've loaned! I could buy everything on my list and the only items under $50 are the makeup, makeup brushes, and the Bad brains shirt!

I'm thinking of gogo dancing. Don't judge me I need money but not enough to come out of my clothes completely. Nah, I'm just going to try and get a bartending job. I'm too shy to gogo dance.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Super late but pictures from New York.

I have been holding off uploading this pictures for forever. Mostly because these were taken with my crappy camera and I quit taking pictures because I was going to use the ones my friend took with her really nice DSLR camera but they all go deleted when her camera spazzed. I felt so bad because all her concert footage just POOF...gone. I only uploaded day 1 pictures since I want to ask my friends first if they want to be on the blog or not lol.

Blurry crappy picture. I did my makeup at a record speed. We were rushing to head out to the city so we could go to Kinokuniya but we were too late lol.

Me inside of this awesome Korean resturant. The food was so good and they kept playing Big Bang songs so I was super hype and our waitress was shocked we knew the songs and words.

Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap, I officially LOVE Korean food. I just love Spicy stuff. I also had this awesome rice wine I cannot remember the name of and Soju that was amazing but I don't remember it's name either. Sorry.

We had our waitress grill the meat because 75% of the people with me had never done it before lol.

Those dumblings were amazing. My friend couldn't finish them so I ate them for her.

Me outside the resturant I guess trying to eat the sign.

Fcking love my Princess Mimi Sesame grey lenses. I wear them everyday I go out.

What I wore. I had on black knee high riding/engineer boots. I need to find a pair that are rock, I'm going to stud them myself.

Okay I played around this photo since in the original the flas washed mee out so freaking bad, omg I was like an effing ghost, I didn't think that was possible since you know, I'm BLACK! So this is my attempt at keeping the picture with out it being crazy looking.

Friday, November 11, 2011

So I got robbed last night.

I was on my way to my friend Keisuke's Pocky Bocky party last night when these 3 guys came out of nowhere and were calling out asking for my number and what not but I ignored them because the types of guys that live over there are not the types I would talk to (also had I known that area was "ghetto" I would not have moved there no matter how bad I needed to find a place to stay for school).

Anyway I thought they walked past me and were over it but next thing I know one of them runs up behind me and punches me in the left side of my jaw. I fell and dropped my cellphone. They guy was jumping at me and challenging me like "what now, do something". He saw my phone (which I was getting ready to text my friend and tell her I'm on my way) and snatched it saying "Gimme that" and then ran off with his two friends.

Looking back on it all I think that group of guys are the same guys who always try and hit on me and I ALWAYS ingnore them. It wasn't a robbery out of necessity (who doesn't have a cellphone these days, beside my cellphone wasn't even something awesome like and iPhone or Android).

I think it was a vengence thing. I had my phone pulled in really close to me so I know they didn't see it until it hit the ground. Also if they were seriously robbing me they would have asked for cash. I know I don't upload pictures as much as I used to but I'm full blown gal 95% of the time and alot of my stuff looks expensive (and it usually is especially my shoes, bags, jewelery etc.). Anyne robbing someone out of a desperate need for cash would of asked me for it knowing more than likely I had some.

Those guys probably always see me around and I guess was tired of my "bougie/saddity" attitude. Do I act that way, maybe, I don't really know. I'm friendly to everyone but I keep my distance from people that I think are trouble and not worth my time and those guys that live over there fall into that catagory.

To sucker punch a girl in the face from behind because she doesn't want to talk to you is sick and disgusting. If this happend back home something really bad could have happend to those guys.

I'm just mad that I've always had an issue when I see Black people put other Black people down for being "ghetto". I hate when I see Black people use that term. I love all of my people no matter what your educational and economical background is. Just because I grew up in the educated middle class does not make me better or superior. I always treat everyone the same and defend ALL of my people. There's nothing more disgusting to me than self hate and hating people who look like you, dissing them to appeal to another ethnic or social group. That's lame and you have no spine.

But after what happend last night I find myself looking at people differently, I don't want to become something I dispise but my dads coming down today and I'm going to talk to him about getting out of my lease and moving to the nicer more expensive areas around campus. Even if that means less money I can save for when I move out of the country after graduation.

I'm also mad that both of my Big Bang picture cellphone charms were on my phone (one was all Taeyang, the other was all of Big Bang). Also my VIP cellphone charm that say Big Bang in Korean and then VIP was also stolen. I had to wait a whole damn month to get those from Korea and I had pretty much bought the last ones.

All my phone numbers gone....again.

I wish he hadn't of snuck me because I would of actually fought him, would I have won probably not but the fight would of lasted long enough for a passing car to stop and help (which a guy stopped and gave me ride to my friends after the robbery, he looked exactly like my uncle).

That guy is going to go on and find a girlfriend one day....will she know what type of a guy she's dating? Will she even care? Most young people today have no respect or morals for themselves let alone others.

I talked to the police. I found the SKU for my phone so hopefully they can track it. I want them to find him. I want him to meet the men in my family. The men that range from 6'1" to 6'10" and where from 185-300lbs. The men who have no tolerence for guys who disrespect women. I want him to feel their wrath.

On a lighter note I'm going to upload my pictures from SM Town New York and blog about the trip hopefully this weekend. I had so much fun, it was just great. I had tons of nice pictures of my hair, makeup, and coords but my friendS DSLR camera deleted everything including her pics and videos of the concert. I felt so bad for her. So you'll have to look at my camera's pictures which are of a lesser quality. I'm looking for a DSLR of my own so hopefully I can take tons of awesome really good shots.