Monday, November 28, 2011

My Christmas WISH List (note the cap wish)

Chrome Hearts ring or two. This one is freak gorgeous and the stone is my favorite color.

Studded vintage combat boots. I'll take plain ones and stud them myself.

Bad Brains Shirt. Hopefully one long enough to turn is an off the shoulder dress.

Combat Heel Boots, I want these axact ones.

Electric blue Dr. Martens

Leather Jacket. Love the silhouette and sleeve length but...

needs lapels! So I want this jacket and I'll stud it. Wish the sleeves flaired out a bit and were a tad longer T.T

This skirt

This dress

Cross earrings

A leopard print dress


This dress and you'll see why in my next post

This skirt, it's busy but I can pull it off

This sweet ass Sephora palette

Toki Doki Makeup brushes

These shoes. 7" ftw. My shoes keep getting higher and higher. I refuse anything less than 5".

This dress and I'm so wearing it to my new favorite lounge with my hopefully new boyfriend.

Two tone wigs. I want black and blonde, black and purple, black and aqua/green.

Well I've been travelling alot so I'm broke. I have enough money for my responsibilities. I need a freaking job or two. That way I can still shop and save for when I move to NY or Japan. Depends on what I choose to do after college  but neither place is cheap to live.

Hopefully people will either give me money for christmas or gifts. Better yet I wish they'd pay me back all the money I've loaned! I could buy everything on my list and the only items under $50 are the makeup, makeup brushes, and the Bad brains shirt!

I'm thinking of gogo dancing. Don't judge me I need money but not enough to come out of my clothes completely. Nah, I'm just going to try and get a bartending job. I'm too shy to gogo dance.