Saturday, November 26, 2011

Super late but pictures from New York.

I have been holding off uploading this pictures for forever. Mostly because these were taken with my crappy camera and I quit taking pictures because I was going to use the ones my friend took with her really nice DSLR camera but they all go deleted when her camera spazzed. I felt so bad because all her concert footage just POOF...gone. I only uploaded day 1 pictures since I want to ask my friends first if they want to be on the blog or not lol.

Blurry crappy picture. I did my makeup at a record speed. We were rushing to head out to the city so we could go to Kinokuniya but we were too late lol.

Me inside of this awesome Korean resturant. The food was so good and they kept playing Big Bang songs so I was super hype and our waitress was shocked we knew the songs and words.

Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap, I officially LOVE Korean food. I just love Spicy stuff. I also had this awesome rice wine I cannot remember the name of and Soju that was amazing but I don't remember it's name either. Sorry.

We had our waitress grill the meat because 75% of the people with me had never done it before lol.

Those dumblings were amazing. My friend couldn't finish them so I ate them for her.

Me outside the resturant I guess trying to eat the sign.

Fcking love my Princess Mimi Sesame grey lenses. I wear them everyday I go out.

What I wore. I had on black knee high riding/engineer boots. I need to find a pair that are rock, I'm going to stud them myself.

Okay I played around this photo since in the original the flas washed mee out so freaking bad, omg I was like an effing ghost, I didn't think that was possible since you know, I'm BLACK! So this is my attempt at keeping the picture with out it being crazy looking.