Friday, October 21, 2011

Going To NYC Tomorrow + Mini Haul!

Hiya! I feel like I haven't blogged in foooorever, mostly in part since I have yet to buy a full length mirror and never get snaps of my coords. I did try to keep up with pictures of my makeup.

My apartments lighting sucks but I found an amazing place in the campus library that gets tons of natural light and I get really decent pictures.

Anyway I'm going to NYC tomorrw for SM Town NY (K-Pop concert) with some friends and guess what.....ONE OF THEM IS GAL! Hallelujah I'm not lonely anymore.

We're going to go to that Japanese bookstore and I've been praying that I can find Soul Sister vol. 2 there. That's pretty much all I want really.

Unrelated....Walmart had a crap ton of Hello Kitty stuff and I was tempted to blow my freaking budget but didn't (my horoscope said not to, I did bend/dent it (-_-;;)

I went out to get tools to manage my brows (which have just been horrid by my standards recently) and buy some more clips for my clip in extentions I made.

Ended buying more stuff but so far it's stuff I need and want. I'm happy with my purchases.

Here's what I got:

Beyond the Zone "Split Mender" leave in conditioner. This stuff is amazing. Idk if you noticed but I'm Black so when my hair gets wet it gets curly and when I blow dry it, it gets super frizzy but this tamed it and made  my ends so nice!

Beyond the Zone Smooth Enuff- haven't used.The stuff was buy 2 get one free so I chose this. I'll do proper reviews on everything later.

Beyond the Zone Protein Cocktail leave in conditioner. Haven't tried it but apparently it was in Lyfe & Style magazine and Nicole Richie uses it.

My quest for a deep dark red lip has brought me to NYC for the Sugar Plum Fairy (lime green circle) and Vamp it Up (magenta cirlce). Between these two and my MAC Viva La Glam III and Manic Panic Kiss of Death I should be able to combine and mix for all sorts of looks.

100% Human clip in hair extensions in purple. I want to get some in a teal blue color as well as pink but I had to remeber I have rent and bills now so I just got one pack of the purple to add a slash of color to my always near black hair.

I also got more foundation (a few days ago I bought one from Maybaline but it's a little to dark for me but the shade before that it a little too light so I'm going to mix and hopefully have a just right moment.

Had to buy polish because my huge bag of it is at home TT.TT so I can make some nails tonight. They'll be black and a midnight blue with hot pink, lime green, and yellow rhinestones. They'll be rock themed (I have dead zombie teddy bear decals). My idea is inspired by Miho's nails in Soul Sister Vol. 1

Also found a lip concealer for my complexion. Trying to find the right mix of concealer and lipsticks to a nude lip for my skin tone has been a challenge. Damn I'll be happy when I do.

Well I'll take loads of pictures but I have to go flat iron my hair and pack and finish my nails.....ugh.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A little on my personal life.

I don't know why I'm posting this or how interested anyone will be (if anyone is reading for that matter) but I dying right now waiting.....waiting for what?????

My second guitar!

I got my first guitar at 16, it was an acoustic one which I really liked playing but my family started to turn it into another one of those things that they can brag about, "Ayana can blah blah blah....."

Every creative form of expression I have be it dance, music, art, writing, singing it gets turned into something someone around me can show boat about. My guitar was my one thing that I got to do selfishly, for me. My hidden skill but that didn't last long and like alot of the other things I can do I quit.

However I've recently bought a new guitar and this time an electric one. Nothing special at all. It's just a Epiphone Les Paul II, something to practice on until I find a better (which tends to mean more costly one) that fits my needs. I'm seriously considering a Gretsch G5122. I'm also looking around for a new amp (I have a Epiphone 15w practice one but I NEED to upgrade.) I'm considering the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III.

I was only supposed to get the guitar pack (come with everything you need to get started) but ended up getting the Boss DS-1 Distortion petal, Ibanez F27 Fuzz stompbox, and a Boss TU-2 Chromatic tuner. Aaaaahh spending so much money......I'm looking at a budget of $699 for my next guitar and $699-$800 for my next amp. I really good amp can make even an ok guitar sound good, can't say the same if it were vice versa.

Well that's a bit on me rekindling an old flame.....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tsubasa's Bambi Series-Sesame Gray Review

So I mentioned in a previous post that I bought three pairs of new lenses. All are from Tsubasa's Bambi series. For this review I will talk about the sesame ray ones (since those are the only ones I've worn and have pictures of).

I remember being super happy with King Barbie lenses (except that the gray looked liked a dark blue in low light, blue in day light, and bright blue in flash pictures). I was wrong. These lenses are heaven.

(1) First they are really big and doll like my Japanese professor even started talking about them today.

(2) They are super comfortable. I put eye drops in only once and that's when I first put them in. I had them one from when I went to school (6:45 am) until I came home which is close to six. So that's about 12 hours with them in, o problems.

Also with my King size lenses my sometimes I could feel my eyes straining to focus and the lenses sometimes made my vision blurry. With these Bambi lenses that's gone.

(3) The color is amazing. I wanted gray lenses that make my eyes noticeably gray (since I like Tsuyome style makeup and a lot of the gals have gray lenses). These do just what I want. There's also some hazel in there that's really pretty and these have the black ring around them unlike those green Geo lenses I bought.

I don't think there's anything else I'm missing...

Size/Enlargement: 10/10

Comfort: 10/10

Color: 10/10

I'm making these my default for gray lenses. I'll try others for fun but I know these will never let me down.


Sliding into Ora Ora kei

Hello! I have pictures of my makeup for today. I don't have a picture of what I was wearing but in the pics you can see my new flannel shirt (nothing really special but the back has cute sewn on patches that say "Rock&Roll" and then "4ever"). I had on dark destroyed denim jeans and knee high black boots.

I'm still looking for a darker red lipstick, I'm going to try buying a plum colored one and mixing them. In these pictures I mixed my Manic Panic Kiss of Death and my MAC Viva La Glam (either 1 or 3).