Friday, December 23, 2011

1 of My New Years Resolutions- Pic Heavy

I have tried making this post a couple of times and it always gets messed up. Anyway one of my biggest new years resolutions is to up the ante on my gal style. I'm pretty positive Tsuyome/ rock/ biker/ oraora is MY THING. Also I feel like style wise it's as egdy as gal gets right now because eveything else is so boring to me (sorry). I feel like in the year I got into this I imrpoved alot an sunk alot of money into improving but there still room for improvement just not as much money anymore.

With that said I've been planning my last big hual before my saving spree. After that you'll here about a new item here an there but nothing massive like I use to do. I've decided to sink money in ventures that make me more money!! I'm currently talking to people about something I want to do but I don't want to spill the tea yet (I so just learned about the whole tea thing).

My last hual originally was my x-mas wishlist but I was hanging around Rakuten and saw some things I wanted and I'm not upping my budget so I'm going to pick and choose what i'm getting. I am getting a d.i.a. belt no matter what I also saw a top and hoodie I want from them. There's a Glad News item I want too. That's going to take up a chunk of my budget since the dollar sucks and I have to have it shipped and shopping services but it cost to step your game up!

Found some awesome two tone wigs! Don't have much else to say but here's tons of pictures of what inspired my future purchases and looks and what not.

No more simply not doing them or just painting them. I have charms, glitter, rhinestones, and acryllic kits in the mail as I type. Decked out always this year.

I'm getting maybe three new wigs. Two are two tones and one either black or brown (when I want curly hair that wig can take all the heat damage because my hair is my baby). But I want to try and dye a wig to look like this because I love purple and this is just hot.

Constant All Over Swag?
Sick of that word but Cocona is always well put together from what pics I see. I also like that her makeup is always dramatic and you can actually tell she has on makeup. I don't however like the bottom lashes in the second pic.

Just freaking be fierce, especially in blog photos.
I'm buying a new and much nicer camera so looking awkward in my photos is a no-no now. These ladies are just amazing.

d.i.a. belt gosh I need it like now!

This chick isn't gal and I saw this pic on Nami's blog but this outfit is love.

Going to get my first tattoo this year I jus need to really figure out what I'll get, that's my biggest problem.

Gal Pals
This is just bogus. I know of two gals in my area and that's awesome, they are both super nice but I do wish I had some rocker gals that love to party hard. With that said, I will ty to be more extroverted on the net and hopefully attend any out of state meets that arise.

Ummm well that's it. My next post might not be until the big hual and I'll end up waiting until everthing has shipped to me so I can do one big post.

Also, trying to take pictures of coords and makeup everyday.

Trying more products and lense with video reviews.

Freaking vlogs  and making a comeback to everyday gyaru, you didn't chase me off (even though no one was that mean to me (gyaru secrets) just silly stuff) I just needed time to grow!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Fashion Inspiration....Lily Allen

Lily Allen is amazing.

Why I want the dress from my christmas list.

I want a top like this. I'd wear it with my leather jacket because otherwise I'd feel naked.

My Christmas WISH List (note the cap wish)

Chrome Hearts ring or two. This one is freak gorgeous and the stone is my favorite color.

Studded vintage combat boots. I'll take plain ones and stud them myself.

Bad Brains Shirt. Hopefully one long enough to turn is an off the shoulder dress.

Combat Heel Boots, I want these axact ones.

Electric blue Dr. Martens

Leather Jacket. Love the silhouette and sleeve length but...

needs lapels! So I want this jacket and I'll stud it. Wish the sleeves flaired out a bit and were a tad longer T.T

This skirt

This dress

Cross earrings

A leopard print dress


This dress and you'll see why in my next post

This skirt, it's busy but I can pull it off

This sweet ass Sephora palette

Toki Doki Makeup brushes

These shoes. 7" ftw. My shoes keep getting higher and higher. I refuse anything less than 5".

This dress and I'm so wearing it to my new favorite lounge with my hopefully new boyfriend.

Two tone wigs. I want black and blonde, black and purple, black and aqua/green.

Well I've been travelling alot so I'm broke. I have enough money for my responsibilities. I need a freaking job or two. That way I can still shop and save for when I move to NY or Japan. Depends on what I choose to do after college  but neither place is cheap to live.

Hopefully people will either give me money for christmas or gifts. Better yet I wish they'd pay me back all the money I've loaned! I could buy everything on my list and the only items under $50 are the makeup, makeup brushes, and the Bad brains shirt!

I'm thinking of gogo dancing. Don't judge me I need money but not enough to come out of my clothes completely. Nah, I'm just going to try and get a bartending job. I'm too shy to gogo dance.