Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally Started Working On Nails.

I spent so much time building up this arsenal of stuff to make nails to never make nails so I decided to do nothing today really but type a paper, catch up on blog stuff, and make nails. This is my third time working with rhinestones and second time work with nail pens, those things are life savers:

I cracked this nail but instead of tossing it I decided to use it as practice and this is what I came up with. (no light/light pic)
This is the thumb to the set I'm making to actually wear. It'll be punk rock influnced so I'll post a pic of all ten when they're done.

Nothing Special but My Room...

I posted in the past about mmagazines showing gals rooms and I've seen other gals do it via youtube so I decided to clean mine (since I'm leaving in a week lol) and post it up. I had 20 pictures in thhe end so I decided to do a video so they post won't be a super hardcore pic spam^^;;

All the stuff covering my sink is just intense!

My Inspiration Post Lol

I have been planning this for a while but freaking projects and finals so everyone has beat me to making this post but here goes...

Egg model Anna
Yumachi for always looking perfecr, especially her hair
Kanako Kawabata
Her makeup is pure LOVE
Japanese street fashion photo's...this dude is BOSS!
Grace Jones (the original lady gaga)
Juliette Lewis...not only is she a great actress she's a freaking ROCKSTAR!!!!!
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen-O
Kat Von D
One of the only celeb's I ever wanted to be like...Aaliyah.
The ladies of Sin City (love Frank Miller)
The ladies of Clueless especially Stacey Dash (her and Aaliyah were like my role models).

                                               Shingai Shoniwa of NOISEttes

Ii also like the whole blues man look, button up shirts, mens suspenders/braces, instead of trousser daisy duke dress shorts, bowler hats, pork pie hats, etc.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Makeup and Coord

Please ignore my inked up palms, final projects man. But this is the NYX round lipstick in fusion love the color but it has that shimeryness too it...I love matte lipstick. MAC has a similar shade in the wonderwoman series I'm planning on buying.
My boots I raised so much cane over. Gosh I love them I've even named them.. Medusa!
I got my black skinny jeans and my purple purse (like the red above but round). Also I recently cut my nails since I broke one and it is hard as hell getting my lenses out without my naturally long nails, those things were like God given tweezers! I can't wait to finally start making nails and WEARING them. I have one project left and I'll have a smidge of free time to at least make one set to wear.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Geo Twin Green Review+Awesome News

Geo Twin Series "circle lenses" in green...fist of I bought these without readin product reviews. I guess because I never listen to music and film critics why listen to random people...I should have. I will say they aren't bad lenses but they aren't great either. The color looks fantasical in any lighting (except camera flash see pictures following review) and shoes up perfectly on dark brown eyes. The hazel/brown when looking at just the lense looks like it is a ridiculously bright green but once it's on a dark brown eye it's this deep rich green that's just pure love.

They were not comfortable at all going in. I could feel them slide around when I blinked and my vision was blurry. Now I'm used to about 60 seconds of awkwardness but this lasted the entire time I was putting on make up. It died down but the problem would come back. I had to be gentle when doing my eye makeup so as to not have them sifting around in there. I read where people said strong winds will move them, it was super windy today so I wore sunglasses. The whole day my eyes had this glowly/hazy/misty effect that was annoying when I tried to focus on thins close to my eyes. Also I could feel they were there the whole day.

I had them in for about six hours (I had a two hour class and then had to go out and get mail so I stayed dressed long enough to do both). After four hours though I just wanted to yank them out, that is the ma time I can wear those in a day.

They did not enlarge my eyes....AT ALL. They are about 14mm infact these don't have the dark black ring around them but you can see a bit of one in my pictures...that's because my natural eye provides the ring lol. They do not make you're eye look dolly like either. This is perfect if you want to look like you have really pretty natural green eyes.

See they look creepy with flash, so do not use flash if you're taking pictures in these, get some good lighting.

See how awesome they in regular light, sorry no day light shots. By the time I got out of Japanese the clouds had rolled in and it was raining,
Comfort: 3/5 I can still wear them for 4 hrs so it's not a total waste of $21.99 plus S+H
Color: 5/5 freaking gorgeous!
Enlargement: 1/5 I give it one for people with smaller eyes...they'll work for you I guess.

I will probably not buy again. My next green lense will be Tsubasa's Bambi Series lenses!

Now my awesome news is more awesome for me than you (sorry). I got my Sweet Skull O Mine boots in the mail. I won the auction on them (they're over 20 bids!). I came in the last 2 minutes and placed a max bid of $135 dollars, I paid $58 in the end. Which is a big gamble since they were a size 8. I usually go with 8.5 (tenically I'm an 8) because I like to have wiggle room in my shoes so I was looking around for a 9 (since Iron fist only does whole sizes). I found a video of how to stretch shoes if they are a 1.2-1 size too small and then I found a post with a bunch of people saying Iron Fist runs a bit bigger than your normal shoe. So when I tried my boots on today they fit like a dream size 8.5. Oh my gosh I have never been so happy to be impulsive, hard headed, spoiled, and insane lol. I have my dream shoe!!!!!!! Moral of the story, never give up or give in!

Oh yeah I made an ealier post about new stuff and three items were hopefuls. I got both the purple and red purses. The red one came today and it looks even better in real life and was only $11. I didn't get the leopard corset though TToTT

Outfit for 4/27/2011

Super busy day but I think I can balance it all!

The first three pictures are things I just tried on.

One of my new pairs of boots and my Trash Tripp NYC skinny jeans/pants

Zebra print tank with my Vaudeville Tripp NYC skinny jeans/pants.

I settled for a mix of the two. My Grace Jones (love her) tank top, American Eagle Cardigan, and my Vaudeville Tripp NYC skinny Jeans. My massive zipper and studs bangle, my rocker octagon bangle, spike cuff, rosary, rings (a scottie dogs, a real rockish ring (hards to explain), and a massive pyramid shaped ring on my middle finger (right hand).

Topped it off with a black bowler hat and these sunglasses (when out in the sun lol).


New makeup style I've been dying inside to try since like 2001 (I was like what 11???)
I am love with lashes I have on today. They criss cross each other, I have tons of them lol.

I'm loving my MAC Viva Glam III lipstick and I used my deep red NYX liner.

If you notice my eyes are green that means a lense review is coming. On a great note I found out I'll be helping with orientations for international students in the fall. Also here's the picture I took with some students in my Japanese class. It was our last class day and Hanako sensei is graduating and ging back to Seattle to work as a translator. I'm so going to visit her one day!
I'm like 5'7-8" and had on 5" heels today lol.