Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's kind of final.

Going to squeeze in a quick blog before studying for my Japanese test but here's what's going on with me (and my last online shopping "spree"). I shop online only during the school year because when I'm not busy I'm tired and lazy. Anyway even when I go home for the summer I won't be shopping much. I need to start saving 3x as much as normal because I'm planning on moving out of Ohio after I graduate. I only plan on spending money on is (hoop earring one 18k gold and 1 sterling silver with the fake diamonds, I'm tired of wasting money on fashion ones and they mess my ears up), a few must have fashion items, and hopefully a cruise trip with my friends this summer (if they can't do it then it's another inexpensive trip to NYC to visit the fam but that will encourage shopping TT.TT).

First let me get out a baby rant and some sucky news. I saw these Iron Fist boots on ebay but one it was an auction and two they are a size 10. I HATE auctions with an undying passion. When I want something I want it right then and there and I don't like sitting and watching making sure people don't out bid me (squatters!). I have been dying to find boots like these (even better if they were knee or thigh high):

Ugh I guess the search will continue. There is this small clothing boutique near my house that specializes in awesome one of kind rock-gothic-punk-stoner clothing. I found an awesome belt there made of hand cuffs and bullets once but my mom destroyed it saying I was too young to own it (17 at the time).

Here goes some pictures of stuff I did get.

NYX Eyelashes. This will be my first time trying them but I forgot which gal model's lashes are produced by them so they have to be decent right? *Diamond Lash is sold out like everywhere @least the styles I like* these are Lash Implant and Nostalgia. I also got three lip sticks in shades, milan (a nude brown), fusion (a fushia color with what appears to be blue mixed in), and chaos (deep red). I got a felt tip eyeliner in jet black, a white eyeliner pencil, and two lip liners (a slightly bright red and a deep red). I'm contemplating trying out a gold blush.

Two Iron Fist shirts. Finding shirts with kick ass graphics that don't look like they come from walmart's miley cyrus brand is hard these days but I know Iron Fist always delivers.

I really don't care for Beyonce...I don't hate her...but I don't love her either. I will say that I don't hate and these shoes are cute. I've been searching high and low for a combat boot with a heel and I LOVE alot of accents on my shoes and these deliver. I almost bought them for $90 at but after some searching I found them $30 dollars cheaper! Here's a look at the shoes I orginally wanted but they were on an Asian clothing sight and the cut off shoe size is always a size 8 (I'm an right?)

I got some black ripped skinny jeans.

Hopefully this isn't a problem but I so wanted one of these (I have a habit of collecting these people would never expect).. Did you know that authentic Russian Soviet hats are running for like $100-$3,000 on the internet?! Mine was 20 bucks so I kind of doubt it's authentic.

M.A.C. Satin finish foundation.
A rosary, not this one but they look awefully similar.

Now this is the hopefully in the next three or four days it'll be mine (darn ebay sellers and your auctions)

It is crazy how popular these are outside of the gal community. Chicks would be fist fighting on ebay over these if it were physically posible! All the cute black ones are either caught in a bidding war or $2,000 dollar Chanel bags....I'm a college student. Hopefully these two will be mine and I'll keep my eyes out for a cute black one, I already have a light pink (such a waste since I won't be doing girlie styles much anymore).

I want this corset, badarse man! Hopefully no one will come out of no where and place a bid on it.

Finally something I'm in my mind dying for and hopefully can get next month:

Fashion biker jacket with extra long sleeves. The person selling this got it from Norstrom's (I had no idea Nostrom's had cool stuff like this, I've steared clear of that place ever since I almost blew a whole pay check on blazer. I'm not making Norstrom's money yet).

Hopefully this will still be sitting waiting for a buyer next month (it's like $160) could have gotten it this month but I had an extra $222 on my bursar's account from the freaking health center, freaking getting sick!

Notice anything about my buys? Yep rock heavy stuff. I'm sticking to rock and biker tsuyome gal styles. 75% of my wardrobe fits that style and I'm tired of people being friendly with me and saying I look like a doll in the more girlie gal styles I miss people falsely judging me and asking me why I do that (whatever that is) to myself. I also miss the angry or confused stares, plus my lip ring is distracting with girlie styles and I have no intentions of taking it out!