Sunday, April 17, 2011

A few new things.

Quick pic spam of sme new things:

New fast dry polish by Wet N Wild. This stuff is awesome. It actually does dry fast, the colors are beautiful and bright, and the polish looks just as good on your nails as it does in the bottle. 1.68 at Wal*Mart
10,000 3MM rhinestones yellow. I was surprised at how big and heavy the bag was. I will not need yellow rhinestones until like 2012.
Hello Kitty travel contact lense case.
Super cute Spongebob pouch because you kow I think I'm the living incarnation of him right?!
Rose nail art acrylic mold. I will not pay 20 dollars for like six rose cabochons when I can mass produce my own.
Some sort of nail art decorative tape. got like 8 colors for a dollar.
Spongebob eye mask but I don't have anymore Spongebob jammies. I don't know who's stealing my Spongebob jammies but I will get you. At least I still have all my Kitty jammies.


The Doll Gal said...

that's a really cute lens case!

ThatGalAyana said...

Thanks there's tons of them on ebay.