Friday, April 1, 2011

Nana's Giveaway + My Haul.

First and formost Nana  is having a giveaway at her blog HERE!

What you can win:

-Diamond Lashes

- Super cute Minnie Mouse plush cellphone charm

-Cute bear face roller (I see these in mags and want one)

- Kakima Eyeliner

So what are you waiting for? Click the link above or the one in my side bar for more details!

On a side note I did my first haul for April. I bought more nail stuff mostly.

I got about six new polishes in colors I really need especially gold (I've been wanting to make some leopard print nails).  I also got an eletric royal blue color, a slightly lighter blue, more black polish, a tropical orange color, and a bright purple.

Big bottle of nail polish remover. I usually run out fast since I do my nails so often but this bottle should last

Wal*Mart maybe evil and treats its employees llike slaves but I will love them forever for carrying these flat back acrylic jewels. I had been looking ever where for these and no one seemed to have them. I then had to get them off ebay and I got like 50 for $5 which I'm now peeved about because the boxed ones above were 5 dollars a piece and you get 300! The pouched ones were $2.97. I plan on going and getting more in every shape, size, and color combination. I decodening mirrors, phones, nails, contact cases, and other stuff so I try to stay stocked with jewels.

I also bought tons of swaskvoski (sp.) crystal and some rhinestones off ebay. I'm finally going to decoden my Spongebob phonecase. I was also going to do a Disney's Stitch one but I have to find the right shades of blue.

I got some nail decals and I bought acrylic molds (a varying size rose one and varying size hearts). People charge an arm and a leg for cabochons and stuff so I'm going to start making my own.

I'm using the big needle to ssew my extention clips on to my hair extensions. I thing I'm going to need another pack of the hair though.

I also got this Almay lip gloss. Paired with the right concealer I think I'll get a great nude lip (for my skin tone) out of this.

I also got a Spongebob pouch to hold my cell and ipod (or other stuff), a Spongebob eye mask and contact case, and Hello Kitty travel contact case.

I also got GEO's twins series lenses in green from Pinky Paradise. I often see where people say Black girls should stick to black and brown lenses because it looks more natural. Um...what is natural looking about gal????? Exactly.

Besides these two (Aaliyah and Stacey Dash, who I consider to be my number 1's for most beautiful woman ever) look awesome with green eyes (Dash's eyes always looked green to me but they seem kind of gray and btw that's her natural eye color). I think I'll look good with green and those have some brown/hazel in there. I would never try blue though, that would be a fail for me.
I recently found out my child hood role models knew each other. (Aaliyah dated Damon Dash who is Stacey Dash's cousin....wowzerz)
Finally I ot my MAC lipstick and Urban Decay eye primer
The eye primer came with a free gift which is the make up brush above, it's super soft. Oh and I'm a hard core fan now of the Viva Glam III Matte lipstick. I love that deep brownish-plum color on my lips. I also want to try Viva Glam I which is an intense blue-red. I love dark red lips. Best $15 bucks I've spent in a while.