Friday, April 22, 2011

Going To Go Postal (I Made A Funny)!

So I have recieved both pair of my NYX lashes in the mail, my rosary, my 2 NYX lip pencils, my MAC foundation, my hat, and my two iron fist shirts. My first pair of boots (Dereon ones) are still taking six years in transit with UPS but I am assuming they will be here by Tuesday. I would be happy with that except (1) My ripped jeans have yet to even the electronic shipping information sent. I bought those pants like 3 days ago....they should be here. If this is anything like the time when I bout two pairs of TRIPP NYC skinny jeans and they took sixty days and a lifetime to ship....I will be starting a riot. (2) I check the order status of my Iron Fist boots every two seconds (I have not been this excited for a pair of shoes since I bought only released in Asia Major Taylor Nike Dunks from FlightclubNYC). However my order status reads as "On Order" what in the HELL does that mean???? Why would you list a shoe that you do not have with stock....and charge someone???? I will be moving out of my dorm in two weeks and will be royally pissed if I have to come all the way back to Kent just to pick up a package. So I will be blowing e-mails up in a totally passive agressive way because I cannot just call customer service and curse people out but I will spam your inbox until you want to drive hot pokers through your eyes.

Well bye!

Never mind my happiness. Got an e-mail back from the store and like everyone else they are out of stock. Have spent the past couple of hours doing four different searches at once still trying to find the shoe and searching for similar shoes but guess what????? ONLY Iron Fist has even bothered to make knee high boots worth buying. Found a pair....but now I'm going to war with my university, the United States Postal Service, and NYX. You should have just gave me my package...I bet someone in the mail room either stole the package or the lazy man at the post office fudged up. If you have a job please do it properly! Also about my jeans, the person I believe might be a crook. I really hope that person didn't lie about the funeral. To lie about death is a serious low and this person's actions is making it seem like that is exactly what they are doing which makes me sad and outraged.