Monday, April 11, 2011

Some new stuff...

Pic spam of some new stuff I got. The weather is getting nicer!!!! It was 66 degrees but it was cloudy and rained around 2 or 3 (but just a bit). I also have post I'm going to make about the April issue of Popsister. Maybe I'll talk about EGG but I liked Popsister's April issue more. Also JoJo is awesome. Her mixtape is amazing, she's such a great singer. It's called Can't Take That Away From Me. It's free so google and download it!

Not very eciting but I got this to store loose rhinestones in. I need all my nail stuff to be organized or else all hell will break loose.
I got some cool shorts. They look very big for me (I'm a size 5 jr.). They just need t be taken in a bit in the waist.
Didn't buy yet because I want some exactly this. Men's suspender's/braces. I'm so going to get my bluesy old school on.
2500 red 3mm rhinestones. Ican't wait to make my Brit punk rock nails (see previous nail post).
Two wheels of various shaped rhinestones, the larger sized bling for my nails (which seriously need to be done).
I got to MAC Hello Kitty eyes shadows. One is Gesso White and the other is Goldmine. They are so cute and the line is discontinued so hunting them down is insane. I culd have sworn I took a pic of the goldmine still in it's box.....
This was like a free gift with the shadows. I found it a bit hood to put loose pigment in a little baggy, it's like getting drugs or something....
MAC Hello Kitty 7pcs brush set.
MAC Hello Kitty Lip glass. I fell in love with it and bought another one in a different shade. If they don't sell out I want to buy more!