Monday, April 11, 2011

Whoot Whoot For Popsister's Eye Makup.

So I've been busy or just not up for going through mags but I finally got around to checking out April issues for both Egg and Popsister. I always enjoy Egg simply because the models look like they actually have fun with what they do and because Kanako and Yumachi are like my inspirations. As much I love Kanako Yumachi is officially my number favorite gyaru. She is almost always well put together and I have a sneaking suspicion if you take off all that makeup and hair extensions she's still really freaking attractive!

Anyway Popsister owned this month. I always like the clothes (they are fit for my page, Egg's clothes were awesome for me when I was in high school) but the makeup stole the show. I had notice since the beginning of the year (following my fav mags since Janurary) that all the makeup tutorials were basically the same thing. Each girl used the same shades of brown and gold eyeshadow and maybe some will do a pink lip or its nude. Oh, and the order they apply things may change.....boring for me. Oh but this month they broke out all sorts of awesome colors! Check it out!


Oh but Popsister didn't just stop there with the awesomeness. I always see girls confused about what to do with their hair be it color, style, what do do with it for long, medium, short, and pixie but Popsister owned with the hair too. Check this out:

I know awesome right??????? BUT WAIT!!! There's more. I know Egg has let readers into the models and gals bedrooms (never actually looked at that issue) but Popsister lets you into gyaru bedrooms. It's cool to see I'm not the only person who uses the many clothing items and accessories they own to decorate the walls. When I finish cleaning my room I think I'll take pics of it and post them. Well check out more of the awesome:

Well that's it.....oh, PS

I so want to try these les extreme forms of Banba makeup. We'll see how well I can adjust it to my skin tone, which by the way I'm happy sumer is coming so I can be an even brown. Winter hits and I get all yellow orangy-brown. I don't like it, I guess that's pale for me but I like chocolate.....yum!


Selfish Woman ♥ said...

Thanks for this post! I love to see the hairstyles and the look into Japanese gal rooms; pretty neat!

ThatGalAyana said...

No problem. I've been meaning to do a post like this and I am hoping to do more in the future.