Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I wore today.

Here's what I wore today. My bun up top stood up more and was cuter when I walked out at 10:45 am and it was slightly warm and sunny, but then it became cloudy and ugly, and by 4:00 it was SNOWING. Cleveland weather you suck rotten mongoose eggs!



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wicked Nail Spam.

This post isn't long but the quality of the nails make the post worthy of being called wicked!

 I don't know if these are actually nails or just sticker stuff you put on top but these are awesome.

Amazing candy nails.

LMAO fastfood nails! But this ladies handpainting skills on nails is amazing!

Super Mario 3 Nails.


The last three pictures were all done by the same person but the last two aren't water marked. So much inspiration. I think I'm making some nails tonight (my Yumachi copy ones I never got around to making). I'm also planning some Spongebob/Sailor themed ones (I'm so just thinking of summer).

Shopping for March is done!

I really did not feel like shopping but there was stuff that I needed and wanted/needed. I even went to a store I had no intentions of going to and found some nice things but I got an e-mail that ruined my day.....I knew I woke up with  headache for a reason!

Anyway here's a pic spam and break down of what I got:

Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Removing Cleanser
Clips to make clip in hair extensions.
Big silver sequined bow ponytail holder.
Black tights with polka dots

I was not expecting to find a cool top like this considering the store I was in but I was super happy that I did. I wanted the black one too but they only had it in a large, I guess it's true that American stores are starting to carry less skinny people clothes. (-_-)
Just hair care stuff. I use proclaims olive oil shampoo and conditioner so I'm going to try this thermal styler stuff (it's suppose to help protect hair from heat damage, make curls last and stuff. We'll see).
More pink polish. I can not see to find the right shade of baby like pink, hopefully this wil be it. I also bought a bubble gum pink polish from Eyes Lips Face.
Inexpensive Revlon curling iron until I can find one (more than likely more expensive) that is as amazing as my Cruise Collection hair straightener, and hopefully it will be animal print also!
Cute Hello Kitty wristlet another shocking find today.
This stuff I  bought online hence no real pictures.....yet. MAC cosmestics Hello Kitty makeup brush set.

The new Urban Decay eye primer. My friend said with the old potion bottles she had to break them open because there was alot of primer still in the bottle that the wand can't reach. This stuff costs too much for all that so I'm happy they changed it.

MAC Viva La Glam III lipstick. 

I also did a slight haul on eyes lips face but I didn't buy as much as I want too since almost every thing was out of stock. It was pretty much lip gloss. I'm still going with my friend Brittany to the mall so I can go to Sephora. I'm tired of online shopping.

I also bout a lip stick and lip gloss that has no picture (I forgot) and nail glue that's hopefully good since it's the professional and more expensive kind. I am so bummed out.

Oh and I bought the hair for my extensions but I think its too long for my liking but the length I like isn't to far from from my own hair (should I go all out or keep playing safe). I figured I could cut the hair to a length I like but this is human hair I'm talking about so it wasn't cheap (and that would be a waste). I can just take it back for the length I like and it would be cheaper. But what if I co it could be long or when I curl it it's not as long as I would like????? GGGGGWWWWWAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New items and Spongebob Karatepants.

I sat down this spring break and made a list of gal related things I want to get. It hurt my heart how long it was. This month I for sure for sure know I'm getting my M.A.C. Hello Kitty Cosmetics (brushes, liner, blushes, eyeshadows, lip gloss, etc.), my panama boater hat, these two really cute faux fur leopard cosmetics bags, my hello kitty contact case, and I need a new curling iron. However I may be able to get extra stuff on my list since I saved money by rummaging through my closet to see all the clothes and shoes I stored away from seasons past. WAIT!!!!!!!  that means I can get my Cecil McBee bag, a new pair of lenses, and some diamond lashes! Yes!!!!!!!

I am no longer buying brown boots (I wanted a pair of flat ones but found a pair of heeled ones in my closet)

No new red bag (found a huge one with tassles and everything,  very gal and I only used it once)

Tons of dresses I bought last year and didn't wear

Cute jean jumper shorts

A pink poncho. My mom asked were they still even in style but in gal land they are so yay! Plus in Ohio it's STILL freezing outside. OHIO SUCKS!

Tons of nail polish I found in my room in colors I needed!

A really cute pair of sparkley teal peep toe pumps.

Yay for saving money!!!!!! Here goes pics of two new items!

Cool bubble shirt dress....I love these especially when they have nonsensical English.
Okay these short were so cute in the pic when I bought them and I always double check sizes when buying Asian clothing so when I got them and they looked like I could only fit one leg in them I almost died but they stretch and when I put them on they were VERY cute (and fit). Another problem occured though....they are mad see through and that make my lace shorts very langerie feeling. I have some black spandex shorts (like for volley ball) I can wear up under them. I know Gal is sexy but GEEZ (O-O)
This is Spongebob Karatepants.......he is one bad mofo.......and big..........GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

This is so unrelated but I found him when looking through my closet and storage container of clothes and shoes. I missed him instantly and brought him back to school with me....I need to find a guy to take me to Dave and Buster's (o^-~o)v

Late but pictures of my outfit thursday before last (-_-;;)

Sorry for this post which is more than a week late but Spring Break and yea things went hay wire. This post is pic heavy though especially because I want to talk about the lighting and what I used to take the pictures.


 This pic was taken in tri towers bathroom. The lighting is awesome no matter what.

 The three pics above were all taken with my phone with the same lighting but sometimes the lighting will look better in some photos (this time the first of the three above). WHY???!!!
 This pic was taken in the tri-towers bathroom, the lighting is amazing there!

Loads of pics of my hat, hair , and makeup, also with that weird changing of light thing my cell does (>~<)
My web cam gets decent light in pics because of my over head desk light but it makes me kind of oily looking.

Well the shirt I got from ebay via China as well as the hat, the toki doki and Blondie buttons on the hat I got from ebay via Chicago, my shorts I don't remember (they're old), my chain necklaces are the wal-mart miley cyrus ones (which I am ashamed of lol), the cuff is also MC's products, the tights are Betseyville by Betsey Johnson, the shoes I got off ebay via California.....I think and my bag is by Vera Wang. Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Show-Rock the Runway

Hey everybody. Today I went to a fashion show at my University that's held every spring called Rock the Runway. The last time I went the theme was Woodstock and the clothes were so amazing. This time the show fell REALLY flat. Majority of the pieces were either creme, white, black, or gray. What makes that so sad is the theme for this years show was Vanetian Carnival. You should get so much inspiration from Venice, Italy! I just think alot of the student designers didn't do enough research. Next year I think I want to participate as a desinger (I wish I could have designed for the theme Venetian Carnival, that is so up my alley).

Well doors opened at 7 but I got there at like 7:20 (being gal takes time and since this was a fashion show rushing my look was not an option). It was like 65 degrees today so I got to wear shorts and some of my new spring stuff with not coat or jacket \(o^o^o)/ I'll post what I wore in a seperate post because I did ALOT of camera whoring. I got a pretty decent seat but the people around me had huge heads blocking my camera which by the way sucks BAD. I'm going to hopefully get a new really nice camera, one of the big ones that screams "I'm a photographer" XD.

Anyway the male MC for the show started to chit chat with the crowd and get everyone excited, then he started asking who wants to rock the runway. Usually I'll sit quietly because getting on a stage in a room full of people is something I don't do often. However being so dolled up in such an unsual fashion style I decided to do it. This is also why I need new gal friends that like doing stuff like going to fashion shows. I walked but there was no one to take my picture so I could post it here TT.TT. The MC pointed out my foxtail when I was walking......NO ONE wears them here in Ohio so its odd to most. He asked me my name and where I'm from and what does fashion mean to me and I said it's a lifestyle. Which for me it is, I wished he would have asked what did I mean by that so I can blab about gal and that goes into it but he didn't.

I am happy that I walked he run way because afterwards a designer stopped me and got my contact info. She putting together a show and wants me to model in it. She also liked my style and my Hello Kitty/Spongebob nails and was surprised to find out I did them myself.

Now for the show. It started off with an intro vid of  student programming brainstorming ideas for this years rock the runway (jokingly of course) some themes were elephant zombies, Star Trek, and because the world's biggest Harry Potter fan (this is the honest truth according to Guiness World Records) goes to our school Harry Potter was also suggested. There were other wacky ideas (accompanied by amusing day dream cut scenes) but it ended with someone sliding a top secret folder uner the door with a mardi gras mask inside, thus Venectian Carnival was born.

The the female MC came out (she had on a pretty red dress but I so saw in the dress that day at 3:30 when I was at the post office). She said what was going on and introduced the judges (two mean who started Columbus fashion week, a woman from Cleveland who became a celebrity stylist, and a drag queen (yay)).

Best thing about the show was the music some music majors produced. I got their contact info so I could get samples to post on my blog  ;)

The models this year where horrendous. There was like 3 or 4 good ones but everyone else either walked too fast (and too timid), like man, or they just looked uncomfortable. One girl had this weird dracula walk. I'm not a mean girl but I just had to be honest about the models. They were pretty though! And one model that was dressed female and in super cute high heels was actually a guy! I didn't like much of th clothes but I tried taking pics of what caught my eye:

 The stage, and art student painted the back drop herself.

 Me snapping myself waiting for the show to start.

 One of the three finalist.
 One of the three finalist. That skirt scared me, it made out of a bunch of wires that form a cage, the model was not hurt.

 There were supposed to be two winners, one chosen by the judges and an audience choice except this collection designed by Will Riddle won BOTH! I didn't a tet a voe for him because I figured he'd win, I voted for the girl who line was more Carribean carnival (she missed the mark for the theme but her clothes were still better than the ones who knew what Venetian carnival was)

This was one of the three finalist collections, the girl in the middle has one that HUGE skirt.

One of the girls from the winning collection. The judges asked how'd he make there mask. Apparently his sister is a competive ballroom dancer and he learned the trick from her. It's face paint and he used eyelash glue to stick on the Swarovski crystals. He also bought shoes and glued on swarovski crytals (didn't get a pic) and apprently Danyel Vasquez (the drag queen judge) pointed out they looked excatly like a pair of $1200 Louis Vuitton shoes (the guy paid like 20 for the shoes on sale though).

There was some random panda and an an Asian lady promoting the Asian Festival in my home town (Cleveland) so going to it, I think it will be during spring break.
When you got your wrist band they gave everyone a cute little plastic Venetian Carnival mask, I wish I got one with feathers (-_-)
My wrist band which says Rock the Runway.
So this is the program with all the designers and their collections names and the ticket as well. Very pretty.

Here goes some pics of Venetian Carnival clothing and mask if you don't know what it is:

 Isn't everything so earth shatteringly beautiful. I so want to live in Italy oneday, it's the most romatic place on earth to me. I'm also thinking if and when I get married, my wedding theme will be Venetician Carnival. Here's an interesting fact. The reason for the mask in such was to hide identity so that people of different social classes could interact with one another. I find that funny because if the whole world went blind and didn't have apperences to go off I bet they'd be friends with people they never would have made friends with if they could see.
Me in a Spencer with a V for Vendetta mask on....I love much I wish he were real.....and would marry me.