Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shopping for March is done!

I really did not feel like shopping but there was stuff that I needed and wanted/needed. I even went to a store I had no intentions of going to and found some nice things but I got an e-mail that ruined my day.....I knew I woke up with  headache for a reason!

Anyway here's a pic spam and break down of what I got:

Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Removing Cleanser
Clips to make clip in hair extensions.
Big silver sequined bow ponytail holder.
Black tights with polka dots

I was not expecting to find a cool top like this considering the store I was in but I was super happy that I did. I wanted the black one too but they only had it in a large, I guess it's true that American stores are starting to carry less skinny people clothes. (-_-)
Just hair care stuff. I use proclaims olive oil shampoo and conditioner so I'm going to try this thermal styler stuff (it's suppose to help protect hair from heat damage, make curls last and stuff. We'll see).
More pink polish. I can not see to find the right shade of baby like pink, hopefully this wil be it. I also bought a bubble gum pink polish from Eyes Lips Face.
Inexpensive Revlon curling iron until I can find one (more than likely more expensive) that is as amazing as my Cruise Collection hair straightener, and hopefully it will be animal print also!
Cute Hello Kitty wristlet another shocking find today.
This stuff I  bought online hence no real pictures.....yet. MAC cosmestics Hello Kitty makeup brush set.

The new Urban Decay eye primer. My friend said with the old potion bottles she had to break them open because there was alot of primer still in the bottle that the wand can't reach. This stuff costs too much for all that so I'm happy they changed it.

MAC Viva La Glam III lipstick. 

I also did a slight haul on eyes lips face but I didn't buy as much as I want too since almost every thing was out of stock. It was pretty much lip gloss. I'm still going with my friend Brittany to the mall so I can go to Sephora. I'm tired of online shopping.

I also bout a lip stick and lip gloss that has no picture (I forgot) and nail glue that's hopefully good since it's the professional and more expensive kind. I am so bummed out.

Oh and I bought the hair for my extensions but I think its too long for my liking but the length I like isn't to far from from my own hair (should I go all out or keep playing safe). I figured I could cut the hair to a length I like but this is human hair I'm talking about so it wasn't cheap (and that would be a waste). I can just take it back for the length I like and it would be cheaper. But what if I co it could be long or when I curl it it's not as long as I would like????? GGGGGWWWWWAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!