Sunday, March 27, 2011

New items and Spongebob Karatepants.

I sat down this spring break and made a list of gal related things I want to get. It hurt my heart how long it was. This month I for sure for sure know I'm getting my M.A.C. Hello Kitty Cosmetics (brushes, liner, blushes, eyeshadows, lip gloss, etc.), my panama boater hat, these two really cute faux fur leopard cosmetics bags, my hello kitty contact case, and I need a new curling iron. However I may be able to get extra stuff on my list since I saved money by rummaging through my closet to see all the clothes and shoes I stored away from seasons past. WAIT!!!!!!!  that means I can get my Cecil McBee bag, a new pair of lenses, and some diamond lashes! Yes!!!!!!!

I am no longer buying brown boots (I wanted a pair of flat ones but found a pair of heeled ones in my closet)

No new red bag (found a huge one with tassles and everything,  very gal and I only used it once)

Tons of dresses I bought last year and didn't wear

Cute jean jumper shorts

A pink poncho. My mom asked were they still even in style but in gal land they are so yay! Plus in Ohio it's STILL freezing outside. OHIO SUCKS!

Tons of nail polish I found in my room in colors I needed!

A really cute pair of sparkley teal peep toe pumps.

Yay for saving money!!!!!! Here goes pics of two new items!

Cool bubble shirt dress....I love these especially when they have nonsensical English.
Okay these short were so cute in the pic when I bought them and I always double check sizes when buying Asian clothing so when I got them and they looked like I could only fit one leg in them I almost died but they stretch and when I put them on they were VERY cute (and fit). Another problem occured though....they are mad see through and that make my lace shorts very langerie feeling. I have some black spandex shorts (like for volley ball) I can wear up under them. I know Gal is sexy but GEEZ (O-O)
This is Spongebob Karatepants.......he is one bad mofo.......and big..........GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

This is so unrelated but I found him when looking through my closet and storage container of clothes and shoes. I missed him instantly and brought him back to school with me....I need to find a guy to take me to Dave and Buster's (o^-~o)v