Monday, March 7, 2011

4 more packages.

Like the title says four more of my packages showed up^.^

Here is what was inside.

My TOP Iris cellphone charm!!!!!!!!
My red beanie.
24 two way nail art pens. When the rest of my rhinestones show up I'm going to have so much fun making nails.
And finally my pride and joy. I nearly teared up when I opened it. I have bought many gal like items but this is my first ACTUAL gal brand clothing item. I have no intentions of being one of those chicks who is so posh that they import all their clothes (plus I'm starting to save so I can move to NY) but I do think it's important to have an item or so. I'm now eyeing this lovely Mar*s bag and I just may get it when I get my Co&Lu jacket.