Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coord from 3/12/2011 and Gal friends!

I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention any of this but friday night I went to an event on campus called "Asia Night" and basically it was a night about all things Asian put on by a student orginization I'm a part of. It was alot of fun especially the Bollywood dancing. I also have a short clip of a group of girls performing the choreo to SNSD's "Gee". They were really good. I saw a girl who used to be in my Japanese class and her friend looked realy Gal so asked and "Yata!" I have found two Gals on campus. I'm no longer lonely!!!!!!!! Anyway here are pics of what I wore yesterday.

No lenses because all I did yesterday was watch doramas with Ash and Andrea and my eyes get irritated in them while staring at a computer screen for hours. I still had to look super cute though in case I run into this really cute guy that lives in their dorms. He apparently plays in a band with my friend Ambers ex-bf so I'm going to have her introduce me.