Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspiration Avenue-Nails

So I'm thinking of treating my blog like a magazine and giving uniform titles for types of things. Like this inspiration Avenue thing......I'll pick a thing like nails, hair, coords, or makeup and post pics of what's inspiring me at the moment. Now is nails. Since I've been buying boats loads of stuff for nails (going back to falsies) I've been looking around for inspiration and my first set of fake nails will something very similar to this:

P.S. these hands belong to *drumrollplease*.........YUMACHI!

These nails are amazing. I saw this pic last night when I googled her and instanly hunted down rhinestones/crystals in heart shapes and bows and bought them all. I can not wait till my stuff starts coming in the mail. I feel like I haven't recieved a packacge in a while (except my lower false lashes but that's not something I was very excited about to begin with ;-_-)

EGG model Yumachi

So I was half reading EGG march 2011 yesterday when I finally figured out the name of the gyaru in this pic:

I had seen this picture before I decided to do full fledge gyaru and before I started reading Egg. It's Yumachi! What caught my eye at first was her hair, I really really REALLY liked it. I also really like her style of dress and as I was reading Egg I realized she's really freaking pretty too. Anyways her hair is always perfect! I found a wig with similar styling and I'm getting the color  two toned. There will be more black than blonde for me though. Just because the style above looks good on her doesn't mean it'll be great on me (I'm speaking in terms of color). I just really like dark but the blonde highlights will be cool.

Anyway PIC SPAM:

 Aweome hair as usual....
 No idea why this pic turned like this....

She is absolutely my second favorite Gal.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kanako Kawabata on the front cover of EGG for March 2011

Yay\(o^o^o)/ *GoingToReadNow*

I rarely ever say this but.....JEALOUS >.< lol

I was on ricoche and saw this picture in the last thing you bought forum and almost died lol. I think next month I'm going to do a serious make up haul. I'm listing things I need so I won't run around buying stuff that I don't (can't spend all my money). I'm also working hard to keep from impulse shopping. I already spent my budget on clothes/nails stuff this month. The true test will be tomorrow when I go out with my friend Brittany. I'm only suppose to buy fake nails but we'll see.....

Anyway I've been looking at ELF (pictured above), MAC, Sephora, and Urban Decay for items. I've also been looking around for a 120 color eye shadow pallette and contoure pallette. I still have this wig I found that I want to buy next month and I want to buy at least half the saved items I have on yesstyle (the t-shirts that are on sale.....I may shop but I'm still kind of cheap lol).

Good thing is I found a baby pink purse from South Korea that was like 40 dollars cheaper than the one I have saved on yesstyle (even though I still really want it but I can wait for it since I'll have a baby pink purse already). Crap that Cocololu jacket I want.....I have to have it. I've been aiming to own some gyaru brand items. I won't buy just anything though they have to speak to me. I wish there was an ebay store that specialized in that. If I were in Japan now I'd so do that. Well, c ya!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quickie post

Hey. Just a quick post. I bought some new stuff (-_-) but what's important is that one of the items I bought was a really cute Cecil McBee t-shirt and another was a really cute Tralala bag. I found some Cocolulu stuff but it will have to wait until next months shopping budget. I'm really trying to practice regulating my shopping. That's like New Years resolution numero uno! Well that's it.


Ordered a crap ton of nail stuff today. In about 3 weeks I'll have around 30,000 rhinestones, 20 cabochons, and around 3,000 pearls. I also got a 24 pcs set of nail art pens for 13.99 Dude ebay is awesome for nail stuff because stores that specialize in it here in the States are crooks! Now I need to find those canes, already cut because I'm lazy, and cheap.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coord Call 2/17-18/2011

Ugh I have been so lazy......I woke up at like 2:30 today. Anywho here are pictures of what I wore this past thursday and friday (it was warm out and the snow was gone....too bad it's ugly and snowing now). Friday the professor I assist was absent so I got to teach the class for the TOFEL (Yay. I wasn't neverous at all and it went excellent). My friday outfit is what I taught in.......yes it's true. Saturday I watched Paradise Ranch with my friends Ashley and Andrea, then we went bowling at 11pm, then we finished watching Running Man with TVXQ. My outfit and hair and make were really cute but I somehow forgot to camera whore but don't worry the look worked so well on my I will do it again.





Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coord Call 2/15/2011

Pic spam of my coord for today.


Plushie Cartman South Park Hat- Spencer's

Over Sized Cardigan- American Eagle Outfitters

Punk Artist T-Shirt w/ Cut-Outs- Wet Seal (I bought this like five years ago, I doubt they still have it : /)

Black Wife Beater (terrible name for a shirt)- No Boundry (like3 bucks at walmart)

Gold Belt- Michael Korr's

Jeans- Pepe Jeans London (I wish they still made really highly decorated jeans, it's the closest thing to like CocoLulu pants T.T I bought these back in high school when the style was really popular)

Sneaker's- Nike Major Taylor's Asia Only Exclusive release (purchased at) NY Flight Club WARNING! Flight Club specializes in custom and rare sneakers so alot of their stuff is uber expensive but the plus is few or no one else will have your kicks. (I bought these when I was obsessed with sneakers).

White Foxtail- Um an eBay store located in Canada

Necklace w/ Peace Sign- It's two neclaces peiced together by me. I got both at walmart but I had to take the peice pendant off its original chain (I'm allergic to some of the metals used to make costume jewelry) and put it on a completely beaded necklace.

Zebra Bangle- Walmart

Black w/ Silver Squares Bangle- Gabriel Brother's (they have awesome jewelry when it's not all broken up o.O)

Black Studded Bucket Bag- Simply Vera by Vera Wang
My brother works with alot of DJ's and athlete's and hooked me up with this web site that's like ebay but for only designer brands (with wholesale prices). It's invite cool is that! Thank's bro! (Now I just need a REAL job)

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Favorite Gal.....Kanako Kawabata!

So I'm going to spam my blog with my favorite gal.

I hope this doesn't come of uber creepy but I think she has one of the coolest speaking voices.


I love her style since it's most like mines. I dress girly and glam when have to but my personality is so youthful, fun, and funky (as well as me being a bit tom boyish) that when I dres down that's exactly what I dress like.....even before gyaru!

Also I think she has one of the most geniune smiles EVER.

Oh, and we both have thing for Spongebob Squarepants (o^.~o)V

Valentines Nails

I didn't go all out for my V-day nails since I'm feeling to lazy to just have them for the day. Insted I decided to do something that can last the week. My favorite would have to be my thumb nail. Some are slightly flawed. I so going fake, it's easier to decorate them then glue them on than paint difficult stuff on my own.

I did good for multi tasking (peeking around yesstyle, googling other places to get gyaru brands, looking at Big Bang Tumblr's, half read ViVi, and listening to Utada Hikaru be awesome). But as soon as these dry good I'm doing my Japanese homework and going to bed.

- Baby pink polish
- White nail art paint for white stripes
- Lace 3D art stickers (for nails by fing'rs flirt)
- Red glitter nail art polish (for hearts)
- Black for the tips
- Rhinestones (by fing'rs flirt)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random new stuff and nails

Here's a pic spam of more new stuff I have:

My new GD & TOP poster. It's HUGE and hang over my bed. I'll always love you TOP.
Two new polishes. One is a glitter red nail art polish. I'm doing valentines nails for this up coming week.
My Vera Wang bag, girls can't get at me in bidding wars on ebay!
Okay I was going to post this on Gyaru Secrets but I think anonymous posting is for wusses. This is a faux fur foxtail. Now my first ever foxtail is geniune fox fur (I did not know this until it arrived, I was too happy when I found it online and just bought without reading anything). I am not an advocate of harming animals but the geniune fox fur tail is so better looking. I will continue to invest in real ones....sorry (why let the thing die in vain, I'm considering donating my body to science when I go).
My new Gazelle classes. They look like alot like a pair London fashion designer Carri Mundane (Casette Playa) wears. I think she's awesome.
These were my nails from the last two weeks. I usually do them once a week but I had a mean case of winter blues after that freak snow storm.....I HATE WINTER!
I call these the Saturdays. Something I just did in two seconds so I wouldn't have plain nails today. I'm removing the polish tomorrow night to make way for my Valentines nails. Those pinks I bought are pretty weak on there own even with two coats. So what I do is do a coat in the nasty girl then 2 coats of the can't remember but its a slightly darker pink. Then finished product was a really pretty soft baby pink. Then I did lilac tips. No lace 3D art, decals, or rhinestones. My reals nails look so nice one my right hand but my pinky on my left broke a bit TT.TT It's okay though, I'm going back to fake nails since I'll be doing more complicated art work (I can't wait for it to warm up, I'm doing a set wear each nail is a Spongebob character). Well that's it.

My Coord for the day

I'm so bad at thinking of taking pics of my coords before going out but I remembered to day....even though I was running a bit late. I went out with my friend Brittney to hunt down stuff for her 3D nails and then I met up with Andrea and Ashley to watch Paradise Ranch and Crows Zero II.

 I love those Ralph Lauren boots but the are sooo not built for winter, I was slidding everywhere but I was cute.

 My little pink dolphin was a free gift when I bought a dress online, its name is Junsu (K-pop joke)