Friday, February 11, 2011

Random shopping trip V.V

So yesterday my friend Brittney facebooked me that we had to make a random trip to walmart which we did (today). I decided to buy a baby pink nail polish and that was it but I instead bought 3 shades of pink and a pastel shade of purple. I also bout transluscent face powder and some mineral blush, oh and some lipstick (crimson red, and by the way ust tried it on and it wasn't as dark as I'd hoped but with a good liner I can make it work).

However that trip turned into a random clothes shopping trip. She really wanted to buy some jeggings and I really need to not buy a thing. She didn't find jeggings but listening me ramble on about the stuff I bought so far for spring some how triggered here to start looking for spring stuff. She ended up buy this cute dress that looks like a leopard top and black skirt, like two pairs of sandles, and some other stuff.

I couldn't help my self and bought two tops and some much needed jewelry. There was this cute baby pink skirt with pink lace underneath but the only sizes left were like size 8,10, and 12. TT.TT Since when do stores stop carrying things for skinny people????????? Oh well....

More ribbons and pearls (I'm captioning my pics from bottom up, can't you tell lol)
These were too adorable when I saw them.
I should have bought two. I love bracelets to death.
I don't really have pearl anything but now I do!
It's pink! and has lace! there was actually a nice little section of stuff that will work for the whole spring retro girly look. I want to go back since they had some cute skirts too.
I fell in love with this top when I saw it I remember seeing a very similar top in one of the many gyaru fashion magazines I read a month.
the pure ice's shade in called Nasty Girl lol its such an innocent shade of pink though. The petites one in french pink for french manicures.
I love the new lilac one, the pink ice will probablt take 3 coats to show up properly.
It such a pretty crimson red....

My coord was pretty simple but since it has pieces in it I've already blogged about (my favorite shirt with the ruffly black collar and buttons) I didn't think to take pics. The coord basically consisted of skinny jeans (I really only do dark denim), tan ugg boots, my white foxtail, big sparkley black hair bow/head band, and my hooded jacket with the fur, oh and my cheetah bestey johnson bag. Make is the same as usual but I had my hair pinned up rather than down. Very casual today but of course still cute.