Monday, February 7, 2011

Fashion magz, foxtails, and studs oh my!

Hi. Sorry Ive been M.I.A. but with good reason. Last week there was freak snow storm and classes kept getting cancelled so all my exams were pushed back so I was super busy catching up. I'm happy that my foxtail came in the mail today. It's 13" and white with a grey tip. I looking to buy a black one, baby pink, grey, and brown by spring. I'd also like to have two of every color since wearing two at the same time will be thing. I can also mix and match them. Thanks to Chigyaru I think I'm going to try my hand at making my own fur pocket as soon as I can get back to Cleveland andvisit the fabric stores. I have a sewing maching so I don't think I'll be trying to do it by hand. I'm currently bidding on this really cute bucket/hobo Simply Vera by Vera Wang bag that would look great with my studded ankle boots. I'm really geting ready for this spring. I found a cute baby pink hand back by Kvoll on yestyle I'm buying (it screams hime gyaru) and I found a bunch of cute of the sholder tops there to. Right now I'm either going to by this yellow one or the green one by Ageha@shibuya.. Yesstyle is awesome. My friends whine about the prices but I find tons of cute things for reasonable prices. The guy who works at the P.O. boxes for my dorm said I had more packages arrive today (that's how you know I have to many things coming in for me, they know me now (-_-;;)) and that's my GD & TOP album and poster (yesasia even through in a free DBSK Mirotic poster!) However my other order which is my TOP Iris cellphone charm is on hold because they were out of stock and had to order one from elsewhere. Now I'm just waiting on my floral dress with ballon skirt to show up from either Korea or China (retro girlie is in.....again), my sunglasses and fashion glasses, and.....I think nothing else. Anywho here are pictures of my foxtail:

And this is just me