Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspiration Avenue-Nails

So I'm thinking of treating my blog like a magazine and giving uniform titles for types of things. Like this inspiration Avenue thing......I'll pick a thing like nails, hair, coords, or makeup and post pics of what's inspiring me at the moment. Now is nails. Since I've been buying boats loads of stuff for nails (going back to falsies) I've been looking around for inspiration and my first set of fake nails will something very similar to this:

P.S. these hands belong to *drumrollplease*.........YUMACHI!

These nails are amazing. I saw this pic last night when I googled her and instanly hunted down rhinestones/crystals in heart shapes and bows and bought them all. I can not wait till my stuff starts coming in the mail. I feel like I haven't recieved a packacge in a while (except my lower false lashes but that's not something I was very excited about to begin with ;-_-)