Friday, February 25, 2011

EGG model Yumachi

So I was half reading EGG march 2011 yesterday when I finally figured out the name of the gyaru in this pic:

I had seen this picture before I decided to do full fledge gyaru and before I started reading Egg. It's Yumachi! What caught my eye at first was her hair, I really really REALLY liked it. I also really like her style of dress and as I was reading Egg I realized she's really freaking pretty too. Anyways her hair is always perfect! I found a wig with similar styling and I'm getting the color  two toned. There will be more black than blonde for me though. Just because the style above looks good on her doesn't mean it'll be great on me (I'm speaking in terms of color). I just really like dark but the blonde highlights will be cool.

Anyway PIC SPAM:

 Aweome hair as usual....
 No idea why this pic turned like this....

She is absolutely my second favorite Gal.