Friday, February 11, 2011

Useful Websites

So I spend about 4 hours a day rummaging through gyaru blogs and all their links and I have found tons of great places to buy stuff and decided to compile a list of links for online stores that I like, have used, are planning to use, and will use in the future. This post will be updated as I find more and more stuff. (click the underlined titles, those are the links)


3D Nails (I haven't bought but I might. I do my own but its great for inspiration)

Cel's Deconails (also sells decoden inspired jewelry, decoden cellphone cases, mirrors, etc.)

NeverTooMuchGlitter (So far my personal favorite)

Aya's Kawaii Mono Ya San (Nails and Decoden items, really cute nail art)

Ebay I have found a many a gyaru item here. and you can get nail and decoden stuff dirt cheap here. When you don't have a ton of cash but you still need to do a big haul check ebay first.
coming soon

OMG Heels! This site has heels that are just so awesome it hurts. The cheapest pair of shoes I saw were some $40 flats. The hightest was around $500 dollars. Good thing is the shoes are pretty unique style wise so if standing out is your thing and not having a ton of other people wearing what you have (and you don't mind spending a bit) then this is for you.

GILFY Rakuten Site this is the Rakuten store for GILFY clothing. I like the clothes haven't ordered through Rakuten (shopping service) before but plenty of other gals gave. I will say the website starts off in english but once it switches to Rakuten Japanese pops up. There should be an option to switch the site to English somewhere (I've done it before). This is the same thing for Cecil McBee on Rakuten.

Sweetheart Fashion This store is an Ebay store based in Taiwan. 99.8% seller rating, shipping isn't a complete rip off, and I have actually purchased from them before (some really cute black lace shorts with ribbons). Tons of cute clothes, bags, and accessories and they tell you what's Japanese fashion and what's Korean (in case you're a total noob). Unique pieces you won't find in Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe but you will see in magazines like Egg and Popsister.

JK Kawaii  All the stuff here looks more like Korean fashion to me but I took a second look and there's tons of stuff for you Hime, Mori, Onii (there no YSL, CHANEL, OR LV), and various form of Kaji gals. I must have ordered here at some point in time and they must of had awesome service since I saved this seller.


Pinky Paradise (this is were I get my circle lenses, loads of brands and choices, and they sell other beauty items)

Pretty and Cute (I think this site is still kind of new but the selection that they have is pretty good beatuy supplies, circle lenses, and some clothing I believe)

PuriCute This is a website that lets you make purikura pics. So far the only place I know that for sure for sure has purikura booths is California so this works well for those who want them but can't get to the real thing. If you want a really authentic look I must warn you to take your picture either with a background before uploading or somehow photoshop a proper background into your photo. (I'm sure most don't have a green screen just laying around >.<)

BlingUp Has 3D nails (both fingers and toes) but other things like cellphone accessories (fuzzy pom pom balls)

ViVi Diamond Club This store is pretty awesome for two reasons, (1) it carries brands like Milliesh and Dolly Wink and (2) it's based in California so you don't have to wait 14-21 business days for it to ship from the otherside of the globe. I believe I got a dolly wink lash case from there and it was lie $3 cheaper than everywhere else.

Japanese Products Lovers Another ebay store much like the one above. You can get you Palty's hair dye, Dolly Wink lashes, BB cream, and anything else all in one place.

Tanja 3D Nail tutorials-Youtube My friend Brittney told me about this and I love here tutorials really helpful but she's super skilled especially at making her character from acryllic and polymer clay.....from scratch.