Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Things!

I have been so lazy and I also haven't beeen posting as much. This semester is killer for me. I have my practicum so I'm assisting in teaching and ESL class 5 days a week as well as managing my other classes TT.TT Anyway I've got some new items so I'll just post pictures (painting my nails now so don't want to type to much). I'll be posting pictures of me in my King size Barbie circle lens tomorrow as well as pictures of new cellphone. I CAN NOT wait for Spring.....clothes are so much cuter when it's warmer.

 My 24 piece set of Hello Kitty cellphone charms came. The seller is trustworthy. Shipped fast and all 24 pieces were there. It was split into two cute packages of 12 like above.

 Above are close ups of all 24 different charms. Not one charm was double!
 One of my favorites. As soon as I saw it I thought Hime Kitty Chan. I'm going to get a really girly baby pink cellphone cover to go with her.
 My friend Kanoko recently attended her Coming of Age Ceremony so this is the charm I chose to put on my phone because it reminded me of how pretty all the girls were in their kimono.
 I got this from a New York store based in New York or California but the brand is Korean the packaging was in Korean and I have no idea what it said. It's a pink sweatshirt dress. The sleeves are pretty long for most normal sized girls but I'm about 5'8" with pretty long arms but I usually cut out the neckline on my sweatshirts and so the sleeves droop on my and become a little too long which I like.
 I know for a fact I got this from an ebay store based in Brooklyn. Free shipping and awesome shirts from Asia that have insane genglish grammar which I love. Its the ESL teacher in me maybe.
 FAUX FUR LEG WARMERS! I've seen alot of gals with these on there wish list. You can find some great ones on ebay. I paid between 12-15 dollars a peice for my three pair. (I have grey w balls, black, and baby pink). The ones from China (pictured here) took about two weeks to ship. I bought a faux fur fox tail from a Canadian store and that should be here this week. I CAN'T WAIT!

A random splurge. I was looking for new hand bags for spring (I was supposed to buy from I ended up searching around ebay and say this awesome Betseyville leopard print hand bag and thank goodness for the seller including a buy it now feature as well as the normal bidding option. There was a bidding war for it but when I WANT something I have no time for being cheap and so I snatched it up.