Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh my kami sama

I just went through my eBay watch list and Yesstyle cart to talley up what I'm looking at spending next month and it's over my shopping WAY over. My eBay total is $474.68 and my Yesstyle total is 267.60 which makes the grand total 742.28 (shipping and handling is included). I could just die. I really need to stop looking things up. Its like I'll read my fashion scans and go "oooh I want that" and if I can't get the original I can ALWAYS find something close to it. I'm trying to move into my apartment next year, get a car (w/o the use of daddy but it doesn't look like I'm doing that), and save just to save. I want to just go wild and buy everything off my wishlist for spring but I'm 21 and I can't just blow whole paychecks shopping like I did in high school when I had no responsibilities.
        Growing up sucks. So what I've decided to do is to go through each list and get only the things I just REALLY have to have (which is all of it basically) BUT I actually NEED. Now you may be thinking you don't really need any of it but what I mean by need is for example there's a pair of shoes in my eBay watch list that are dark tan. I already have a cute and comfortable pair of dark tan heels so why buy another just because the new ones have a really cute cut out design?
        So from eBay I'm getting my two really cute trench coats because I don't own 1 trench coat (the coats are two different colors). I'm getting this really cute pair of beige angle boots (my closet is either bright shocking colors or dark and this spring I want to add airy items). I'm getting all three of the lace dresses. One is white, one is a light pink, and one is black. I don't have alot of lace, so it's a need. There's this really cute ruffle dress and I need more dressy attire you can wear in a work setting. That's a HUGE NEED since I only have two more semesters left in Uni and nows the time for internships then interviews. Then there's these really cute white heels and I have no white heels so need. Finally there's this really casual bag it's white and I don't have a white casual bag, or white purse period so NEED. This brings it down to 354.89 which isn't that big of a difference but I tried >.<lol.
          I could buy everything from Yesstyle if I wait to buy somethings from eBay but that's still irresponsible so I will be doing the same with Yesstyle. There's this quilted baby pink purse I've been salivating over so it is a definate MUST there's a grey satchel but it can wait until next month. I want to get almost all the tops I have saved mostly because I don't have alot of cute tops that I WANT to wear and most of the tops I have saved are pink and I have two pink shirts (with me at school).......LAME.  There's this studded hand bag with fur but it can wait too. I've brought my Yesstyle total down to 95.40 which still gets me free shipping!
       Grand total: 460.29 whooo hoooo!
       Now I have to go see about that bar tending job : / and the one at the summer camp!