Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday (Lunch, Punk F*ckers, and Fashion Shows) + Today's outfit and makeup.

Well Saturday I went out to a Korean restaurant with my friends. Diggle dick wasn't supposed to be present but felt the need to come anyway but he wouldn't be a douche if he didn't do some douchebag stuff so whatevs. My Bibimbap was the ish but he ruined the whole meal. We did go to the Asian food mart and guess what I got....


It's ice cream with....

Red bean paste. It's so fucking good and sweet. It's like crack cocaine, too flipping awesome.

Later was the fashion show. I was supposed to take pictures of the show and my outfit but I forgot my camera. I wore torn leather look leggings, my Grace Jones shirt, and my new Betsey Johnson leopard blazer. Fudge face was not in attendance.

The theme this year was Celestial Space. The line I liked did not win and I was pissed.

This is what was left of my makeup after the night. There was pretty yellow, lime, hot pink, and teal on the bottom. I paid for 144 colors so I plan on using them.

This is me from today.

Kept it simple, no jewelry. Moto jacket: Marshalls. Shirt: Ebay Stockings: Gabriel Brothers Sunglasses: Op  DIY Boots: I keep forgetting the brand something about Diva's but I studded them myself.

Mi makeupz! I dig ora ora so much. I feel free to do so much more in gyaru and I'm not as bored. I'm thinking of triple teaming and switching between ora ora, rock, and b-gal so I won't get too bored and I feel like ora ora and b-gal have the most spunk and range as far as makeup, clothes, etc.

Well nothing else special to say! Oh lots of 60 degree weather coming up this week so that means shorts in my outfits! Yay for nicer outfits and not having to wear heavy coats that cover up the good stuff.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ma Look For Look For Today.

So I actually remembered to snap pictures of me today. I have one with what I intended to look like like today and then all the pictures after that I JUST took (I had fallen asleep so....)

Toned down my makeup because the guy I was "dating" liked my "simpler" gyaru/Frank Miller Sin City girl pin-up make up. All I'm going to say is I hope a psychotic horse fucks him in the ass four ways from Sunday and he never recovers. Pissed that my goofy ass was willing to change for the dick weed I immediately vamped my shit up and walked around campus like I was Naomi fucking Campbell blaring Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know".

My model bitch face.

My wtf face.

My dun know but it's cute face. My body is pale compared to my face (-__-;)

My blowfish face, facebook profile pic yes.

Ma peace sign.

Still sticking out my tongue g_s, keeping it gross just for the bitches!

My eye make up, up close.

Top half of my outfit, really the only important part. The bottom was just black leggings and my studded combat boots. I had on faux fur leg warmers earlier but I took them shits off because piss face thought I was cute in them and I didn't feel like wearing shit that shit sucker approved of.

Princess mimi sesame grey lenses
Buxom eye liner
Urban Decay mascara
Urban Decay eye potion primer
Smashbox photo finish face primer
Black radience foundation in rumspice
Revlon foundation in cocoa
Tokidoki for Smasbox modella quad eye shadow brown (for brows)
Elf 144 eyeshadow palette, light grey, two orange-red colors, red
Lips in look 1, carmex chapstick
Lips in evening look, NYC something plum lipstick, MAC viva la glam III, Manic Panic in Kiss of Death
Blush, Urban decay.

Cross top by Forever 21
Zebra bangle: Walmart
All other bangles: Gabriel Brothers
Necklace: Walmart
Large cross ring: Gabriel Brothers
Scottie Dog ring: Gabriel Brothers
Earring: Ebay
Leggings: Marshall's

Going to a fashion show tomorrow and I think satans seed will be there so I was going to wear my freakum dress but I think I'm going to just be hella fly. Got out the 6 inch heels, gonna bare some leg. I was thinking of doing something really trashy punk rock since that's his least favorite style on me. I wish he was here so I can tell him to eat a big bowl of bloody cat dicks.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Stuff

New Skullcandy Agent: Roskopp green headphones. Sound quality is amazing, does bass justice! For the first time I felt the need to tinker with the equalizer on my iPod (since on some settings the bass can possible make my ears bleed). Design is a total 10.

My favorite new blog to read is Tokyo Popular (Ms Tokyo Kicks). Inspired me to add to my sneaker collection which I haven't done in months, I will be getting my b-gal on! Next I want king tut earrings!

Vol. 4 of Soul Sister.

So proud of myself, I've managed to keep up with all the issues.