Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday (Lunch, Punk F*ckers, and Fashion Shows) + Today's outfit and makeup.

Well Saturday I went out to a Korean restaurant with my friends. Diggle dick wasn't supposed to be present but felt the need to come anyway but he wouldn't be a douche if he didn't do some douchebag stuff so whatevs. My Bibimbap was the ish but he ruined the whole meal. We did go to the Asian food mart and guess what I got....


It's ice cream with....

Red bean paste. It's so fucking good and sweet. It's like crack cocaine, too flipping awesome.

Later was the fashion show. I was supposed to take pictures of the show and my outfit but I forgot my camera. I wore torn leather look leggings, my Grace Jones shirt, and my new Betsey Johnson leopard blazer. Fudge face was not in attendance.

The theme this year was Celestial Space. The line I liked did not win and I was pissed.

This is what was left of my makeup after the night. There was pretty yellow, lime, hot pink, and teal on the bottom. I paid for 144 colors so I plan on using them.

This is me from today.

Kept it simple, no jewelry. Moto jacket: Marshalls. Shirt: Ebay Stockings: Gabriel Brothers Sunglasses: Op  DIY Boots: I keep forgetting the brand something about Diva's but I studded them myself.

Mi makeupz! I dig ora ora so much. I feel free to do so much more in gyaru and I'm not as bored. I'm thinking of triple teaming and switching between ora ora, rock, and b-gal so I won't get too bored and I feel like ora ora and b-gal have the most spunk and range as far as makeup, clothes, etc.

Well nothing else special to say! Oh lots of 60 degree weather coming up this week so that means shorts in my outfits! Yay for nicer outfits and not having to wear heavy coats that cover up the good stuff.