Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Nails~~~~~~~~~~~

So here's the pictures of my new nails I made.

All my nail crap everywhere before I started.

The left hand: the tiger nail with the gradient pink and green turned out perfect on this hand. The yellow green leopard print has small rhinestones in the spots.

The right hand: The tiger/gradient on this hand did not turn out as good but it's ok.



I Cam Whored So Hard Today...

I took so many pictures today both with my crappy cell cam and my DLSR. I guess it was because I was gone for so long but will I be here for long? I like changing my style up  and lately I've been drawing all my inspo from Kat Von D. All the shopping I've been doing has been more Kat less gal.

Well enough about that.

Crappy Cell Pics:

My new Union Jack bag (ebay).
New faux leather and lace blazer ( UK retailer).
New Joy Division shirt (Gabe's).
Levi's  DIY ripped & cut-off shorts (done by me)

New feather earrings.
I also made and dyed my extensions.

The nails I made I have more pics but I'll do a separate post.

Touched up my makeup and whipped out the DLSR.

Well that's it!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

DIY Inspo Post!

Planning a lot of DIY projects I want to do a distressed denim vest, a ton of cut-out T-shirts, and give life to some old leggings.


 This Levi's Vest: 

($56 but I'm going to do it for half of that my damn self)

(The Christian Louboutin's Christina wore in Burlesque. Tracked down a good substitute shoe, I just have to add glitter and flowers.)


Safety pin leggings from Nasty Gal. Have the leggings I just need enough large size safety pins.

That's It!


Hey. So I recently did some shopping both online and in stores. I have yet to take pictures of the stuff I bought in-store. It's basically a bunch of T-shirts I got for like a $1.80 from a thrift store. I'm going to DIY so cut out shirts. Also I got BB cream.

One of them is an AC/DC shirt I've wanted one for a while and was about to buy one for $15-$25+ but found one for $2.00 plus I get a student happy.

I'll probably post before and after pictures when I'm done with them.

Here goes the stuff I bought online though:

Finally bought these was debating on should I get the plain or spiked and decided I can always get them plain but as soon as the spike trend dies I'll have to do it myself in the future and didn't want the headache.

Reebok CL Chi Kaze. Saw these on Dr. Jay's website. I rarely buy sneakers anymore but I couldn't resist these.

I thought of Kat Von D when I bought this and she is serious fashion inspo for me.

Go Jane sold out in my size the very day I got paid so I had to shell out an extra $80 for Dr. Martens...PISSED.

My love for leggings continues.

Lace and faux leather blazer.

Was watching LA Ink this summer on Nuvo and wanted big square nerd glasses like Kat was wearing...these are close enough.

I needed more gold rings as most of mine are silver Finally I have knuckle/armor rings.

This full tulle skirt but in beige

Lost my old Wayfer nerd glasses while moving, bought new ones.

Gothic angel wings ring.

Yellow pom pom beanie!
I freaking love boston bags and finally have a union jack hand bag! Going to buy some band pins and pin the on and put gold circle studs on the side or chains.

I'm going to make a separate post about my up-coming DIY projects.

Forgot to buy foil so I can dye my extensions...lost my house keys and student I.D. and I have accomplished nothing this weekend.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back From the Dead...

but unfortunately with no pictures. My school year started off rough but I have everything under control now.  I'm waiting for new lenses and lashes to ship (all of mine either ended up accidentally dried up or they expired) so I haven't been dressing gal due to my lack of lenses. I also bought a few new pieces to update my style and personalize it more.

Oh and I bought extensions and I'll be dying them this weekend. I cannot wait to truly be back!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life is crazy but I'm still trying.

      So I've been M.I.A. it's just my personal life sucks so much right now and I found out this guy I use to like and was friends with killed himself and I have never dealt with death well (it puts me in the weirdest most unhealthy space). I'm trying to climb out of my hole but I'm just not very optimistic. I've been trying to do things I normally do and like doing (gyaru for example) but nothing and I mean NOTHING makes me feel good. I did however manage to properly dress myself today since it was so sunny out. I even took pictures and made faces but I'm good at pretending I'm okay when really I'm not. Either way enjoy. 

     Also I will not continue to Advanced Japanese next semester. I just don't like how the classes are handled or scheduled. I'm tired of learning stuff according to a test (and then forgetting it to rush to the next thing). I want to learn Japanese that I can actually use and I'm advanced enough that what's left of final year I can teach to myself and stop by the tutors if I have questions but the actual class is making me hate the language with an undying passion and that is not cool.

Trucker hat: 8bit zombie
Earrings: dunno where, ebay
Cross necklace: ebay
Peace sign bead necklace: forgot had it a while
Grace Jones tank: ebay
Moto jacket; Marshall's
Bandage leggings: ebay
Cross boot: Diva(something) DIY studs
Scottie dog ring: Gabriel's
Large cross ring: Gabriel's
Bangles: Gabriel's

Primer: Smashbox photo finish
Eye primer: Urban Decay
Lenses: Princess Mimi, sesame grey
Eyeliner: Buxom and prestige kohl liners
Lashes: those cheap ebay ones (trying a new style and I like them, have to find the same but a better brand)
foundation: Black Radiance and Revlon (I have to mix)
Translucent face powder: Smashbox
Eye shadow for brow powder: Tokidoki for Smashbox, Mozella palette
Eyeshadow: Elf ultimate eyeshadow palette (144 colors)
Nose and chin high light: elf all over color stick (gold, coral color)
Blush: elf studio blush in Giddy Gold and Wet Wild mineral blush in rose color
Contour: Cover girl bronzer
Lips: carmex, wet and wild matte lipstick in mauve and Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in Brazen Plum.

I think that's it. Bye.