Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Cam Whored So Hard Today...

I took so many pictures today both with my crappy cell cam and my DLSR. I guess it was because I was gone for so long but will I be here for long? I like changing my style up  and lately I've been drawing all my inspo from Kat Von D. All the shopping I've been doing has been more Kat less gal.

Well enough about that.

Crappy Cell Pics:

My new Union Jack bag (ebay).
New faux leather and lace blazer ( UK retailer).
New Joy Division shirt (Gabe's).
Levi's  DIY ripped & cut-off shorts (done by me)

New feather earrings.
I also made and dyed my extensions.

The nails I made I have more pics but I'll do a separate post.

Touched up my makeup and whipped out the DLSR.

Well that's it!