Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hey. So I recently did some shopping both online and in stores. I have yet to take pictures of the stuff I bought in-store. It's basically a bunch of T-shirts I got for like a $1.80 from a thrift store. I'm going to DIY so cut out shirts. Also I got BB cream.

One of them is an AC/DC shirt I've wanted one for a while and was about to buy one for $15-$25+ but found one for $2.00 plus I get a student happy.

I'll probably post before and after pictures when I'm done with them.

Here goes the stuff I bought online though:

Finally bought these was debating on should I get the plain or spiked and decided I can always get them plain but as soon as the spike trend dies I'll have to do it myself in the future and didn't want the headache.

Reebok CL Chi Kaze. Saw these on Dr. Jay's website. I rarely buy sneakers anymore but I couldn't resist these.

I thought of Kat Von D when I bought this and she is serious fashion inspo for me.

Go Jane sold out in my size the very day I got paid so I had to shell out an extra $80 for Dr. Martens...PISSED.

My love for leggings continues.

Lace and faux leather blazer.

Was watching LA Ink this summer on Nuvo and wanted big square nerd glasses like Kat was wearing...these are close enough.

I needed more gold rings as most of mine are silver Finally I have knuckle/armor rings.

This full tulle skirt but in beige

Lost my old Wayfer nerd glasses while moving, bought new ones.

Gothic angel wings ring.

Yellow pom pom beanie!
I freaking love boston bags and finally have a union jack hand bag! Going to buy some band pins and pin the on and put gold circle studs on the side or chains.

I'm going to make a separate post about my up-coming DIY projects.

Forgot to buy foil so I can dye my extensions...lost my house keys and student I.D. and I have accomplished nothing this weekend.