Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow days suck!!!!!

So I get up this morning as you gals may know that means like 2 hrs earlier than you may want to because you  have to look perfect right. So I spent 3 hrs getting ready (I am notorious for stopping and checking web sites, e-mail, SMS, and reading issues of Vivi, Ageha, Pop Sister, Egg etc.) and just as I'm getting ready to sign into my Uni e-mail account I notice that there a huge red alert saying classes are cancelled today. So I was not happy but I cheered myself up with some much needed camera whoring. I'll also post the pictures of my new celly in a seperate post and and my review of my Barbie lens can be done here. Honestly I feel the same about them as I did the grey ones I reviewed except I don't really like the orangish-brown color. I'm going to get some green ones because I've always wondered about what I'd look like with green eyes (the only color I've ever wondered about really). Would I buy again, probably not. I like my natural brown color so much any other shade of brown is hard to except on me. Anyway here is todays outfit, hair, and makeup. I'll make a post of my individual item break down when I get new batteries for my camera. They are recharchable but I've worn them out with all my camera whoring (-_-;;)

 New facebook pic for this week and maybe next.

 Future FB pic for sure

 Probably my new blog profile pic.
 Very blurry but I still really like this picture