Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random new stuff and nails

Here's a pic spam of more new stuff I have:

My new GD & TOP poster. It's HUGE and hang over my bed. I'll always love you TOP.
Two new polishes. One is a glitter red nail art polish. I'm doing valentines nails for this up coming week.
My Vera Wang bag, girls can't get at me in bidding wars on ebay!
Okay I was going to post this on Gyaru Secrets but I think anonymous posting is for wusses. This is a faux fur foxtail. Now my first ever foxtail is geniune fox fur (I did not know this until it arrived, I was too happy when I found it online and just bought without reading anything). I am not an advocate of harming animals but the geniune fox fur tail is so better looking. I will continue to invest in real ones....sorry (why let the thing die in vain, I'm considering donating my body to science when I go).
My new Gazelle classes. They look like alot like a pair London fashion designer Carri Mundane (Casette Playa) wears. I think she's awesome.
These were my nails from the last two weeks. I usually do them once a week but I had a mean case of winter blues after that freak snow storm.....I HATE WINTER!
I call these the Saturdays. Something I just did in two seconds so I wouldn't have plain nails today. I'm removing the polish tomorrow night to make way for my Valentines nails. Those pinks I bought are pretty weak on there own even with two coats. So what I do is do a coat in the nasty girl then 2 coats of the can't remember but its a slightly darker pink. Then finished product was a really pretty soft baby pink. Then I did lilac tips. No lace 3D art, decals, or rhinestones. My reals nails look so nice one my right hand but my pinky on my left broke a bit TT.TT It's okay though, I'm going back to fake nails since I'll be doing more complicated art work (I can't wait for it to warm up, I'm doing a set wear each nail is a Spongebob character). Well that's it.