Thursday, February 24, 2011

I rarely ever say this but.....JEALOUS >.< lol

I was on ricoche and saw this picture in the last thing you bought forum and almost died lol. I think next month I'm going to do a serious make up haul. I'm listing things I need so I won't run around buying stuff that I don't (can't spend all my money). I'm also working hard to keep from impulse shopping. I already spent my budget on clothes/nails stuff this month. The true test will be tomorrow when I go out with my friend Brittany. I'm only suppose to buy fake nails but we'll see.....

Anyway I've been looking at ELF (pictured above), MAC, Sephora, and Urban Decay for items. I've also been looking around for a 120 color eye shadow pallette and contoure pallette. I still have this wig I found that I want to buy next month and I want to buy at least half the saved items I have on yesstyle (the t-shirts that are on sale.....I may shop but I'm still kind of cheap lol).

Good thing is I found a baby pink purse from South Korea that was like 40 dollars cheaper than the one I have saved on yesstyle (even though I still really want it but I can wait for it since I'll have a baby pink purse already). Crap that Cocololu jacket I want.....I have to have it. I've been aiming to own some gyaru brand items. I won't buy just anything though they have to speak to me. I wish there was an ebay store that specialized in that. If I were in Japan now I'd so do that. Well, c ya!