Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Fun Filled Day....long post.

First let me say I love posting about my fun filled saturday on a tuesday but I've been a busy gal. Well saturday I went over my friends Ashley and Andrea's (they are twins so you will always hear their names together) for our ritual drama saturday's. We usually watch Paradise Ranch (K-drama staring TVXQ's Changmin) but we watched that on friday so saturday we watched Waterboys (J-dorama starring the love of my life Yamada Takayuki). Both Ashley and Andrea REALLY like it. They preffer K-drama's to J ones so I'm happy I showed them one they like, they are also Eita fans.

Anywho after that I decided to help them with the decorations for Asia Night. It's an event for a mentoring program (I am a mentor but those two are on the e-board) and it turned out to be a ton of fun. I didn't do much but DJ, lay on the table, and color the tri-fold for Japan. My friend introduced me to her friend Kenya who's from Japan. He's really quiet but that's okay because quiet people are more fun to mess with.

The decorating started at 3:30 and ended close to 8! Ashley, Andrea, and I had a blast reading intense and naughty slang words out of my dirty japanese dictionary and seeing which one's would make Kenya laugh.

"ketsusha shite" aka "Come in my ass" garnered the biggest response, he laughed till he turned red. Mind you those words did not come from my mouth. I just asked him simple stuff like what bands do you like (we have alot of the same favorite bands). I also found out he's an AKB48 fan and I had to ask does he know all their names......he does not lol. He was impressed when I could explain to all those not in the know who and what they are. More so at that fact that I knew there were 56 members at the time instead of 48 (8 are getting dropped though) and like 120 something understudies (thank you tokyohive for keeping me up to date lolz).

I also found out we are both in the same general psychcology class but it's so big that I wouldn't have known. After much pursuading from Ashley I got his e-mail address not for some let's "hangout" stuff but I have a Japanese project where I have to e-mail someone in Japanese and then report to our class (in japanese......fluently....) what we talked about. So I think I'll send the e-mail either tonight or tomorrow. Here's the only pic of us hanging out, my camera needs new batteries so I snatched this from someones facebook XD

                                                         Kenya, Andrea, and I.

Other than that I went to walmart and Salley's beauty supply. I guess I'll post those pics here in this post.....crap I did that monday but still.

This wasn't everything but its the gal related stuff. I got nail tips because this Spring my nails will be long (well even longer than my natural nails) and constantly blinged out. Then I bought weaving thread because I'm going to make my own extentions. I'm thinking of adding about four inches of length to my hair and the extentions will make my hair fuller when I curl it. I'm going to go with human hair (most likely) or a heat resistant fiber like futura (I was seriously researching this because I know nothing about weave, extensions, or wigs). PS I actually did buy a lace front wig (synthetic) and I think it's cute but I don't think wigs are for me. I'm going to wear it still since I paid for it but when it's done I'm done.

Now for pictures of my new buys. I have about 30 items somewhere in the world being shipped to me and I like it because it's like christmas waiting for santa but I hate it because it's like christmas waiting for santa>.< Let's see if I can remember what I'm waiting on:

- Cecil McBee t-shirt
- Tralala tote bag
- a pink quilted cross body purse (chained strap)
- a blinged out teddy bear necklace
- a blinged out kello kitty necklace
- toki doki badges and a retro Blondie/Debbie Harry badge (I have pic since they came yesterday)
- a faux fur leopard print vest w/ hood
- A white A-line lace stretch dress
- 24 piece set of two way nail pen varnishes
- Pink nail art pearls 1,114
- 12 piece set of rose cabochons (different colors)
- white peals for nail art (I have a pic it got here first)
- off the shoulder British flag shirt but the blue part is grey instead.
- some random bubble shirt dress that has random english words on it (thank you Asia I love those)
- a dirt cheap rosary to hold me over until I can find the perfect peices to make mine
- a beaded necklace with a cute bow and wooden elephant on it (I love elephants and turtles)
- two beanies one in a rose pink color and one in red
-one of those things you use to pick up rhinestones
- a pair of ribbon and lace mini shorts (black)
- 20 piece acrylic pink bows whith rhinestones
- 2way dotting and marbalizing tool for my nails
- Concealer palette
- Anchor w/ chains nail decals
- 50 assorted flat back gems for my nails
- 6 different purchases of various shapes, colors, and sizes of rhinstones totaling 5,700 rhinestones in all!

The sad thing is there's still stuff I need if I'm going to pull off gyaru everyday and look excellent for spring. Good thing is the list above maybe long but I spent way less than it looks. My friends hate how I find amazing deals but I'm very patient and only spend alot on necessary things (good make up or a certain brand, the Co&Lu jacket I want won't come cheap no matter what I do)

People are cleaning out my yesstyle save list (everything goes out of stock fast there and yesstyle isn't exactly cheap). So I'm thinking during spring break I'll get he stuff off my list that I really want (like these cute red detachable jumper shorts, a bunch of tops, and maybe a bag). The shoes there are amazing but the cut of f size is an 8 and though that's my size I still prefer to buy an 8.5

Then there's still some leggings, patterned stockings, a beanie, a jacket, 2 big stand up headband hair bows, about 4 tops, a scarf, 2 pairs of shorts, a skirt, a leopard hoodie, 2 dresses, a hand bag, and a foxtail in my ebay watch list that I want. After that I'm done shopping until like fall (yeah right).

Whoever said being gyaru wasn't cheap never lied...........

didn't mention this but I bought lower lashes a while back.
I finished going through EGG for march 2011 and I'm going to post about what stood out for me tomorrow.