Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeling Uneasy+New Stuff

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about the earthquake in Japan. I've pretty much worn my brain out thinking about it and worrying about how some of my friends who are here in the States away from their families are feeling. My condolences goes out to all those who have friends and family there, those who are in the middle of it all, and those who have lost their lives (may your souls rest in peace).

I did recieve some new stuff and I've done my nails, so here's a short pic spam.

My pretty new white lace dress. I want to buy a nice belt to wear around my waist with it and I saw these really cute brown boots at Charlotte Russe that I want to wear with it.
Kitty-Chan jammies lol (half dressed me >.<)
I bought a faux fur leopard hooded vest, I'm going to get a full jacket but I pretty much won't be able to wear it for a while (since it's getting warmer).
Spongebob nails. Since these are my real nails I pretty much had an easy time drawing him and Patrick on my right hand (I'm a leftie) but didn't even try to draw them on my left. Instead the left has Kitty-chan since she's like the only character I can draw with my right.....but Spongebob gets me all the compliments. Nail art pens are heaven sent! I'm still waiting on tons of rhinestones to show up for my fake nails.