Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not feeling well today.

I had so much to do today but ended up doing none of it. Not feeling well so I stayed in. I did go check my mailbox to find tons of pink slips!!!!!!! Do't worry this is a good thing, it means PACKAGES! Ihad about seven and these are the things that came:

Square rhinestones for my Yumachi inspired nails I'll be making. They aren't huge like her's but I bought flat back gems that are so I'm going to the mix the two.
YAY! For cute little pink and white bows they are going to look great on my nails. I think I have about 20 but I'm going to buy more.
My pink quilted purse. I goin to get a black one next. It's just I have so many black purse I just had to buy a different color or go crazy.
Rose colored beanie.
These are anchor decals for nails that operate like a fake tattoo lol. I bought a Nautical Betsey Johnson hot pink bag in Jan. and ever since have been addicted to all things nautical. I'm already planning Spongebob nails for the summer>.<
My second Big Bang poster (sort of, my first was a GD&TOP poster).
Big Bang's 4th mini album.
My YG family card. I so wish I got TOP but Taeyang is my second fav member anyway (he used to be first). I'm going to get my I.D. all over again so I can finally activate one of my YG family cards. I am BUSTED in my current one and no way am I sending that photo to the very offices TOP is in sometimes. (Not that I stand a chance having him see that or me in real life but you know someone is going to see the picture so it's going to be a good one darnit).
A crappy pick of all my rained on packages.
I was leaning in and saw my hat in one of the frames (the one above of course) on the side of my camera's window on my laptop and thought it made an amusing picture. I told some that even though most people notice my hat is Cartman from South Park, I always feel like I have boobs on my forehead. They replied "you that you mention does look like you have boobs on your head." XD