Saturday, March 5, 2011

The rest of my pics from yesterday+ppl who follow me.

First and more importantly for those who follow me (1) thank you and (2)I can not figure how to follow back. I just get that make a friend, block user, or send message option so maye you can leave a comment posting a link. I like reading blogs alot so......

Secondly these are the pics from my cellphone. I was in the tri towers community bathroom which has great lighting. I was not actually in the toilet taking pics though.....kind of odd.

 Me trying to show the pretty bow on my top but Junsu (the plushie pink dolphin) is kind of in the way>.<
 I really love these jeans I want to find more like them but not quite (no point in buying the same thing twice)

 I did my eyebrows yesterday. This is the thinnest I've ever arched them. In no way am I a make up expert. I lived the first 14 years of my life a total tomboy and then some. I mean my ovaries almost became testies for crying out loud. With that said I have no idea why girls shave them of only to draw them on? Pleae tell me why, I really do want to know. Also people without eyebrows kind of scare me. They are on our face for a reason (images of Whoopi Goldberg are running around in my head). Unless its a cultural thing, I can accept it because that image is associated to that culture for me, but here in the just kind of scares me.

 This is the type of face that will get you on g_s. I pray I'm never on that thing but making bat crap crazy faces are soooooo much fun. I don't want to take pics were I just look like a barbie or mannequin all the time. There's no fun in looking at that right?

 I saw on g_s today where someone said this pose makes them think of lesbians. I guess the V is like vag but unless someone has their tongue out I don't see it.

 Another hatable face according to g_s but if they hate it their then usually I love it....funny how that works ;P
 I look like I'm actually think about something lol


Toni ♥(-^□^-) said...

To follow people back, if you go onto their blog, there will be a "follow" part, just click on that (^_^)

ThatGalAyana said...

haha thanks I'm such a silly goose.