Monday, March 14, 2011

Funny photo-shoot+ New Stuff.

Well first with what I think is the boring stuff. Here's a pic spam of the stuff that came in the mail today. I think I have recieved all of nail stuff. I just need a really good pink gel nail glue. Anyone knows where I can get some?

Clear rhinestones in various shapes.
You can't see it well but it's a bunch of tiny pink hearts. I want larger ones in bulk, I'll try etsy to find some.
Awesome flat back jewels so I can put larger bling on my nails. Some pieces are to large for nails but I'm already searching for decoden stuff (I have alot of stuff to deco) and can use them for that too^.^
Little rose cabochons I can use on my nails, getting larger ones for when I deco stuff.
Little pink pearls for my nails
A bunch of rhinestones in various shapes and colors, there's some nice sized cirlce ones but there are also rhinestones with cone backs.....what am I suppose to do with those??????
My reversable Liz Lisa tote back. It's not huge but it works for what I plan to use it for which is carrying my curling irons and stuff when I'm out (you never know what might happen). Or I just might use it to store decoden stuff since I take that with me everywhere (I get bored and that's what my new favorite hobby is).

Next is my funny photoshoot. While taking pics of my new stuff with my laptop I discovered funny hats and hair that you can add to your pictures......I had alot of fun playing with it.
Played around with the frames I already knew about.
Took this cute pic (no lenses or lashes, all I did was get my mail and pick up food today)
I finally get to be a Super Saiyan (did I spell that right lol).

As you can see after my cute pic things went mad when I found the hats and hair.
This is what I wore today. I also have come to the conclusion that I no longer am obsessed with sneakers. Plus I feel like my legs look short and stocky when they actually are long and well defined.
A couple pics I made with puricute that I've been meaning to post. Well that's it!