Friday, March 4, 2011

I am such a liar.

I'm supposed to be getting ready to go see Tron again (they're showing it my school as the late night weekend movie) but I had to blog this. I tried on the wig I bought again and after brushing through it a bit it started to look more natural and I love it. I might not give up on wigs. It'll give me a break from curling my own hair. Still getting my extensions though. I was laso supose to post about what I love from the March issue of EGG. I'll do that when I get back from Tron. I'll also post a pic of my look before I leave. I'm probably going to try my lens out again. My gray ones (that I had no problems with) the brown ones color I didn't like and my right eye was not happy with them. Well I think that's it.