Friday, April 15, 2011

Outfit and The Green Hornet

Quick post on what I wore today and my makeup. Ging to a showing of the Green Hornet on campus tonight with some friends. BIG SUPER HUGE AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!! Bruno Mars will be the musical act for flash flest at my university this year. Also flash fest is free for students. Last year was the MTVU concert with Cobra Starship, Travie McCoy, and 3OH!3, then Drake, and now Bruno Mars! Awesomeness cubed......they really stepped their game up with concerts recently.

My camera totally gave me The Ring/Nascar face.
Panama Boater Hat: someone from ebay
Shirt: Gabe's
Shorts: Marshall's
Bag: Gabe's
Pearl bead bracelet's; Gabe's
Boots: Ralph by Ralph Lauren

This was taken after I finished doing my makeup.
I tried one of my MAC Hello Kitty Lip Glasses today....LOVE!
Taken after about 3 or 4 hours of wearing my makeup.
I bought another Hello Kitty M.A.C. lipglass.
I was coming out of my general psychology class when a gorilla riding a skateboard went past and gave me this sticker. I have  not checked the website but it's probably skateboard hipster clothes.

Well first half of the day I went to Walmart with Tiara and Brittany. I just got contact solution, shower gel, antibacterial soap, and a yellow finger nail polish nothiing special. Next is going to see the Green Hornet with Amber, Ashley, and Andrea. I heard there's like 13 other people supposed to be going. I'm taing pics....I'm the only gal though TToTT


The Doll Gal said...

cute outfit! :)

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Fern Li said...

Cute outfit :D i love your hat!!!

ThatGalAyana said...

Oh thank you. I was so happy when I got it. I see them all the time in gal magazines.