Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Egg trumps Popsister for now...

Just yesterday I was getting my belated spazz on about April's Popsister but I just got May's Egg and the ish has hit the fan. There's something in there for every gal.....except maybe you hime gals but don't worry. For all those girls praying for the return on Manba well it's here.....sort of.

Now I didn't read the whole story on it (its like 4 pages) but I intend to and to translate but I won't make promises since it is the end of the semester and I'm uber busy. Now I'm going over what I saw and bit and peices I read without a dictionary. It was Egg models in it could be just a fun feature for all I know. In order for Neo Manba's to exist in my eyes you have to have other girls who aren't paid models to start running around in full manba gear. Until then I'm not buying the comeback but girls in the west who have been praying for this seem to be stoked and I am happy for them....I like the idea of one of the m ore extreme forms making a comeback because today is just a little too prissy and safe.


LOOKING KIND OF TAN THERE! I flipped my skip when I saw these three pages. Maybe its just me but they seem a little tanner than normal and they are super sexy fierce. I haven't seen alot of that lately. These three made me happy summer was on the way.

NIHON I WANT A FIGHTER! I don't know who this guy is, didn' even bother to see what the article was about....but he's hot. I NEVER see hot guys in Egg (sorry gyaru-o do nothing for me other than provide great shopping buddies). I wish I were the punching bag and he would tackle me.....

NEO MANBA!!!!! GET YOUR STICKERS GALS! Here goes the feature on Manba returns. Left click, right click, save, enjoy!

Last this is the survey thing at the end of every Egg issue now usually I skip over it (except I read the valentines one). This one is a hot mess though. I was under the impression that Egg was geared more towards high school girls so what's all this SEX stuff about. I know high schools girls are getting rug burns too and have been since forever but.....I don't know. I don't want a daughter, that's too much worrying, especially when people act like it's condoms that's out there killing people.