Friday, April 8, 2011

Ugh I stay shopping(>.<)

My school life has slowed down enough for me to spam my blog with a few new things I've bought. Nothing special (except my lenses which I'll review whenever I wear them, speaking of which I need more solution) just gal related stuff.

Punk rock dead teddy bear nail decals. They work like those fake tattoos.

Blingged out teddy bear necklace.

Blingged out Hello Kitty necklace.

My GEO Twin Series lenses in green.

This is the free gift I got with d-tan's coupon code. It's a velco hair bow....

Cute animal lense case. I now have two bears and a hippo. When will I get a purple elephant???????

Panama boater. I better do tons of fun stuff this summer.

Wicked awesome Spongebob travel contact case. There's the case you carry everything in, the case for the lenses, litle plastic tweezers, and something else that I don't know what its for.

Dolly Wink eyelash case. I think I'm going to get like two more because I'm tired of messing up perfectly good lashes because I have nothing to store them in.

Oh and I decoded my phone but like an idiot I did it with the case still on the phone and got a little glue on my camera lense, so my pictures are blurry. Hopefully I can fix it even though I already want a new phone again.