Friday, April 29, 2011

Makeup and Coord

Please ignore my inked up palms, final projects man. But this is the NYX round lipstick in fusion love the color but it has that shimeryness too it...I love matte lipstick. MAC has a similar shade in the wonderwoman series I'm planning on buying.
My boots I raised so much cane over. Gosh I love them I've even named them.. Medusa!
I got my black skinny jeans and my purple purse (like the red above but round). Also I recently cut my nails since I broke one and it is hard as hell getting my lenses out without my naturally long nails, those things were like God given tweezers! I can't wait to finally start making nails and WEARING them. I have one project left and I'll have a smidge of free time to at least make one set to wear.