Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Outfit for 4/27/2011

Super busy day but I think I can balance it all!

The first three pictures are things I just tried on.

One of my new pairs of boots and my Trash Tripp NYC skinny jeans/pants

Zebra print tank with my Vaudeville Tripp NYC skinny jeans/pants.

I settled for a mix of the two. My Grace Jones (love her) tank top, American Eagle Cardigan, and my Vaudeville Tripp NYC skinny Jeans. My massive zipper and studs bangle, my rocker octagon bangle, spike cuff, rosary, rings (a scottie dogs, a real rockish ring (hards to explain), and a massive pyramid shaped ring on my middle finger (right hand).

Topped it off with a black bowler hat and these sunglasses (when out in the sun lol).


New makeup style I've been dying inside to try since like 2001 (I was like what 11???)
I am love with lashes I have on today. They criss cross each other, I have tons of them lol.

I'm loving my MAC Viva Glam III lipstick and I used my deep red NYX liner.

If you notice my eyes are green that means a lense review is coming. On a great note I found out I'll be helping with orientations for international students in the fall. Also here's the picture I took with some students in my Japanese class. It was our last class day and Hanako sensei is graduating and ging back to Seattle to work as a translator. I'm so going to visit her one day!
I'm like 5'7-8" and had on 5" heels today lol.